About Alexis Mera The Brand

Alexis Mera The Brand


Alexis Mera is a clothing brand and platform that celebrates women through stories, photography, and custom t-shirts designed in collaboration with trailblazing ladies.

American Made, Eco-Friendly, 100% Sweatshop Free

Each t-shirt gets designed, cut, and sewn right here in the USA. The factory we work with is 100% sweatshop free and eco-friendly. Its efficient dye machines save over 24 million gallons of water a week. Any water that gets used goes through a filtration system so it can get recycled. Solar energy powers its sewing and cutting facilities and garment cutting is optimized to eliminate waste and prevent materials from going to landfills — excess fabric is recycled into other things like baby bibs or stuffing for upholstery.

Screen Printed By Hand, No Harmful Inks

Each design is screen printed by hand at a small print shop in Brooklyn, NY using water-based ink. There are no resins or plastics, making water-based ink not only better for the planet, but it absorbs better, so the design becomes part of the shirt rather than sitting on the surface.

We Do Good

5% of our sales get donated to select charities that are chosen by the women we partner with for t-shirt designs.

Woman Owned And Operated

Our founder, Alexis Mera Damen, is an FIT graduate and experienced product developer who has worked on the design and development teams of many reputable brands, such as DKNY Sleepwear, Tommy Hilfiger Sleepwear, and Lucky Brand Sleepwear. Having had an itch for entrepreneurship from a young age — when she sold beaded jewelry at summer camp and wrote a business plan for a dog walking business in college — Alexis always knew she wanted something of her own, but wasn't exactly sure of what that would be. In 2015, she leaped and launched Alexis Mera and so her entrepreneurial journey began, and she hasn't looked back. 

F Project

Alexis Mera is a member of The F Project, an organization that raises the profile and economic potency of female founders through collective ACTION to increase revenue, awareness and access to capital.