Yogi, Pianist, and Founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC, Angelica Olstad Styles our Rio Palm Joggers

Angelica Olstad
Our latest Styled By shoot was with Angelica Olstad, Founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC, Angelica believes in yoga for everybody. She produces unique, curated, and experiential lifestyle events that incorporate health and wellness outside of the traditional studio setting. And she has a lot more in the works! 


AM: What inspired your to start Pop Up Yoga NYC and how has it evolved since?
AO: I started Pop Up Yoga NYC as a new yoga teacher back in 2011. At the time free public classes were not as common and I wanted to make yoga accessible for more New Yorkers. Since then we've done a combination of curated ticketed events and public free classes. Free classes will always be a part of the programming, it's personally very important to me.

Angelica Olstad at Sweatshop Williamsburg, BK

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

AO: I’m a classically trained pianist turned “yogapreneur”, for lack of a better word. I work for myself so I try to create as much of a routine as possible. I usually wake up, swim or go for a walk to get coffee, come back shower, meditate, then head to the office for the day. Some weeks I take a lot of meetings in the city and I teach private piano lessons which are in the city as well. I’m also recording an album right now so studio time has now been put into regular rotation. I do most of my socializing during the week and love me a good a happy hour catching up with friends. The days look pretty different depending on the season but I usually keep busy.

Alexis Mera Rio Palm Joggers

AM: Tell us about this outfit! Which pieces did you pair your AM gear with, and why?

AO: I’m a bit of a sneaker head so I like to sport these out and about. This jacket is also one of my favs because it makes me feel like a badass when really, I’m a huge nerd - it’s like having Brooklyn superpowers.

Alexis Mera Rio Palm Joggers

AM: Where are 3 places you’d wear this outfit? 

AO: I would wear this outfit to go plant shopping (!), get coffee, and run errands out and about.

AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece? 

AO: Super comfy and I LOVE plants! I’m a bit of a plant freak so the fact that I now have plant print pants makes me really happy.

Angelica Olstad

AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 

AO: Casual, minimal

AM: If you were deserted on an island, what one item would you want with you?

AO: A grand piano

AM: Favorite sinful treat food?

AO: New York Cheddar Chips

AM: Prints or plains to work out in?

AO: When I work out I wear plains but I like to teach and run events in fun prints.

AM: One place in the world you would love to visit?

AO: Paris

AM:  Favorite song to work out to?

AO: Pretty much all of Beyonce’s Lemonade album on repeat.

AM: Three things that are always in your gym bag?

AO: I swim so my gym bag is my swim bag and in it are my swimsuit, swim gear, and towel.

AM: Favorite smoothie recipe?

AO: Banana, spirulina, almond milk, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, hydrated chia seeds

Pop Up Yoga NYC
Photo courtesy of Pop Up Yoga NYC


AM: 5 Reasons Everyone Should Practice Yoga

  1. Spinal health
  2. Stronger core and better awareness of standing posture and sitting posture
  3. Have a reliable system to stay cool under pressure
  4. The philosophy of the sutras (specifically the yamas and niyamas) treat yourself and others in a kind and sustainable way, harness the power of positive thinking and manifesting life without attachment to the things that weigh us down
  5. Yoga is about letting go of the small and petty and working towards living life with a clear heart, a big heart, great compassion, and respect for ourselves and one another. It’s fucking awesome.
AM: What's in the future for Pop Up Yoga NYC and/or Angelica Olstad?
AO: There's a new chapter in the works. I've built a really strong team and network of people that will be continuing the programming of Pop Up Yoga NYC locally. As an individual, I'll be releasing an album in 2017 and starting to shift more towards performance, travel, writing, and producing content while continuing to grow the company. I plan on taking a few of these events abroad. I'm interested in storytelling and think that there is a valuable market in health and wellness. I'd love to produce something like Netflix's Chef's Table and interview all the phenomenal health and wellness leaders in the world.


Follow Pop Up Yoga NYC on Instagram @popupyoganyc to stay in the loop for future events!

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