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The Powerhouse of Tone House - Elvira Yambot

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The words 'extreme' and 'athletic based fitness' could intimidate even the most seasoned gym-goer but New York fitness studio Tone House believes everyone has the potential to be an athlete. Dubbed the hardest workout in NYC, classes are focused around group sessions which are both fun and competitive. Tone House provides the support and motivation to push your limits and achieve goals you never knew were possible - improving both your mental and physical fitness. 


Using the Movement Training Philosophy - moving the body as a whole and on multiple planes - Tone House classes are highly efficient and effective at burning calories and toning the whole body. The program was created by Alonzo Wilson, and after meeting CSO Matt Herfield and COO Elvira Yambot, Tone House was born in 2014.


We chatted to leading lady Elvira Yambot, to find out what inspires and motivates her... 

AM: Tell us about your background, what inspired you to set up Tone House?

EY: I'm all over the place, which proves there's not always a straight line trajectory to one's career! BA degree in English (University of Illinois), BFA degree in Fashion Design (Columbia College Chicago), seven years business development and marketing experience at a start-up finance company in Chicago, then two years in corporate sales at Equinox in NYC before we opened Tone House. I had a feeling one day I would eventually become an entrepreneur, but I couldn't have predicted it would be in the health and fitness industry. Sports, exercise, and staying active had always been a natural part of my lifestyle from a young age, so it was a perfect storm when I met my business partners, Alonzo (Director of Training) and Matt (CSO) who were members at Equinox. They have very different minds (creative vs. business), but both their thought processes inspire me and are necessary to keep the machine running. Helping build and grow this brand is extremely stressful and challenging, but it's also quite fun and rewarding. Basically, the best time of my life that I never want to repeat again!


#SQUADGOALS - Elvira with founder of Movement Training Philosophy, Alonzo Wilson

Photo credit: Herby Joseph

AM: All classes at Tone House start with a team chant to get motivated, how do you stay motivated to work out?

EY: Killer playlist, watching others crush their workout and hit personal bests, and adding variety to avoid plateaus. Alonzo always keeps the program fresh and surprising at Tone House, which means boredom never sets in.

AM: How do you fuel your day when working out?

EY: Breakfast: coffee, steel cut oats, banana, egg whites. Lunch: Natureworks' make-your-own energy plate (brown rice, veggies, bison burger, feta cheese). Dinner: Baked salmon, quinoa, and spinach or Sweetgreen's Spicy Sabzi salad with steelhead fish.

Sweetgreen is Elvira's go-to for healthy, balanced meals


AM: What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

EY: Not really a smoothie girl. Caffeine addict is more like it - everyone's got their vice, right? Usually a double americano at Stumptown, La Colombe, or Birch does the trick.

AM: What does your workout outfit look like?

EY: Pretty similar to my dinner and cocktails outfit - black, tight, black, spandex, black, interesting details like sheer or mesh panels, black. As New York as it gets, Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas are staples, and Bandier carries a ton of cool athleisure brands so that black will never be boring.

AM: What 3 things are always in your gym bag?

EY: Laptop, face wipes, Tone House hat.

Elvira's gym bag must have


AM: Tone House is a great way to relieve stress, how else do you like to wind down after a day at work?

EY: Yoga at Lyons Den, casual run at Riverside Park, dinner with friends, books, mags, music, movies.

Elvira likes to wind down at Lyons Den yoga studio

AM: What athlete inspires you?

EY: The dark horse. The individual who trains meticulously and silently - their work ethic, positive attitude, humility, and perseverance usually speak louder than their words or accolades.

AM: How do you like to spend your day off?

EY: Brunch, binge watching Netflix, sleep, retail therapy, massage (in no particular order). There's not many days off right now, but if there's an opportunity for consecutive days off in future, travel is also at the top of my list.

AM: Cheat day or no cheat day?

EY: Yes, of course yes to cheat days! Depriving yourself of the deliciously sweet and savory things in life is abnormal and unhealthy in my opinion.

Definitely earned a cheat day after that!

Photo credit: Alex Cayley


Still feeling nervous? Try out a TH101 class at the studio to ease you in gently and give you a great introduction to the method and techniques used in regular training. In the words of Tone House... See you on the turf! 

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