The Story Behind Holistic Happening - Interactive Wellness Events in NYC

Leslie McDonald and Kayla Kleinman, Co-founders of Holistic Happening
Leslie McDonald and Kayla Kleinman, Co-founders of Holistic Happening | Hair by: @easymanexcristina

Last month I met Leslie and Kayla, Co-founders of Holistic Happening at Pop Up Yoga NYC's Salute event, an early morning party for NYC's fittest. After learning about Holistic Happening, I had to try it out for myself. I was not disappointed. We started off the night with a nice sweaty yoga class led by Kayla, who was sure to watch and correct your form, followed by a yummy fall meal home cooked by Leslie. I may have eaten one too many sweet potatoes, #sorrynotsorry

Holistic Happening was created by yoga teacher Kayla Kleinman and health coach Leslie McDonald. Their goal is to make wellness more approachable through interactive events while also bringing together like minded people.

Read on to learn more about their story and what to expect at their next event! 

The Story: 

'A few months ago I received an email from Leslie asking if I wanted to take a workout class with her. I had posted a photo from my parent’s rooftop and she recognized the location because it’s the building where she grew up. Eventually we met up, took a barre class together and got coffee afterwards. We totally hit it off and stayed in touch.

After meeting up a few times, I had a crazy idea for us-- let's join forces and throw a wellness event. 

For me personally, I was unhappy in my job and sick of making someone else's dream come true. I wanted to create something of my own, but also knew I couldn't do it alone. For starters, I can't cook to save my life. I knew I wanted to collaborate with Leslie in some way, and thought as a health coach and awesome recipe creator she was the perfect balance to my background in teaching fitness.

So one day sitting in Starbucks after taking a Physique57 class, I told Leslie my ideas, but also gave her the out to say "Thanks, but no thanks." Obviously it turned out well, and she was totally game. We spent the rest of the day excitedly texting our ideas and all the possibilities for what is now Holistic Happening. That was in May 2016, we then hosted our first sold out event in July 2016... and it was on our parent's rooftop. It felt full circle because without that photo of the rooftop, we possibly would've never connected.' - Kayla Kleinman

Kayla in the City at Holistic Happening Holistic Happening Meals

The next Holistic Happening is this November:

What: A sweaty vinyasa yoga class + healthy-fall themed dinner

Where: Primary Co-Working Space: 26 Broadway, New York, NY

When: Tuesday, November 15th, 7:00PM

How Much? $35 for yoga + dinner + cookbook of all recipes served

Sign Up Here

Be sure to follow Leslie @balanced_life_leslie, Kayla @kaylakleinman, and @holistichappening on Instagram to stay in the loop for future happenings! 

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