Starting A Movement: Claire Fountain of TrillYoga is Redefining The Yoga Industry

Claire Fountain wears the Alexis Mera Modern Rose joggers


TrillYoga is a buzz word in the fitness industry right now and it's all down to one young lady, Claire Fountain, who's challenging the industry's obsession with body image, pushing the boundaries of conventional yoga practice, and redefining the 'yoga body'. A revolution has begun. 

Contentment. Self love. Fitspiration. Claire is a poster girl for them all. What started as a tag her own look, her own practice, and her own surroundings in which she practiced yoga, #TrillYoga is now recognised globally (it has almost 19,000 posts on Instagram) - a tag for anyone who wants to explore their own individual practice and a symbol of the atypical. 

A holistic lifestyle educator and social media influencer with a unique style, we were really excited to chat to Claire and learn more about her journey and influences... Check out our interview below and see how she's styling the Alexis Mera Modern Rose joggers this Fall.

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

CF: Yoga teacher, model, writer, founded TrillYoga and believes wellness is for everybody and anybody. Grew up in Jackson, MS. Majored in psychology from Vassar college...but was a food writer working on cookbooks and in bakeries before taking my yoga teaching and personal training full time. The rest is history.

What inspired you to launch TrillYoga?

CF: It started as a hashtag because I needed a way to differentiate my style of yoga, that’s maybe more raw and uninhibited than what most people think when they “yoga.” Yoga is that thing people know might be good for them, but would never actually do because it’s intimidating or unappealing. And I get it because I’ve always been bad at following the rules, but the problem is, many people who could benefit from yoga don’t even know it’s available for them to do. TrillYoga is my way of saying any body can do yoga, as they please; listening to what they like, wearing what they like, in whatever space they have.

#trillyoga is inspiring thousands worldwide to express themselves | Photo courtesy of Instagram

AM: How did you come up with the name?

CF: Being from the south, Trill was in the vocabulary, and it seems to embody what I was trying to show. That anyone and everyone can do yoga as they please to get back to their own truth and most authentic self (which is actually the goal of yoga to begin with.)

AM: Favorite place you’ve ever taught yoga

CF: Ace Hotel in London, it’s a very special place for me. Or a park in the Meatpacking District (15th and 10th Ave) because it turned into a large, powerful class that made me appreciate that very moment in time, in the city, in life.

Claire's yoga class in the park in Meatpacking, NYC | Photo courtesy of @cbquality

AM: If you could teach yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?

CF: I just want to teach to people who need it most, in unconventional, art heavy spaces that inspire. Or in France for a few months; it would force me to work on my french (which is on struggle mode currently.)

AM: You can invite anyone to attend - who is it?

CF: Y’all all can come. But especially my close friends who never get to come to class due to vocation or location.

AM: Top 3 tracks you are working out to right now

CF: This is constantly changing. Today my work out was partially to the SNE Essense album, and part to 400Degreez (Juvenile.) I put my class playlists on my soundcloud @Claire Fountain, so you can always check there.

AM: Describe your style in 3 words

CF: Utilitarian. Authentic. No Patterns.

AM: Who influences you?

CF: Honestly, I’m probably most influenced by the life I’ve been dealt. All the pains, and trauma, forces you to look for more. To dig deeper, to seek out something else that what is given. From that place, I learned to embrace risk, and have been gifted some incredible experiences on the flip side. Life is fleeting. Otherwise? Music, travel, reading, conservations, artists, and all my brilliant, creative friends.

AM: What’s in your gym bag right now?

CF: Resistance bands. Hair ties. A sock? Frank Body Lip Balm.

Frank Body's Lip Balm and Scrub | Photo courtesy of abigailalicex.com

AM: You’re shopping for a new workout outfit… where can we find you?

CF: I might have reached full saturation point for shopping for active wear. Currently I want to pick up the entire Pansy Active line. So beautiful and functional (and consciously produced.)

AM: What lifestyle rules do you live by?

CF: Choose love over fear. Be kind to yourself. Stop comparing your insides to other’s outsides. Don’t lose you along the way. Always wash your face, and drink more water.

AM: Top 3 foods you couldn’t live without

CF: Iced tea? Oatmeal, greens (lots of greens,) and french fries.

Claire starting her day with a deep green smoothie | Photo courtesy of @cbquality

AM: Favorite way to start your day

CF: Without an alarm clock or agenda, very quiet.

AM: Best way to spend your day off

CF: With someone you love, and no schedule but to just be.

AM: Biggest achievement so far

CF: I survived. People only really know about 5% of my story, but it’s a blessing to wake up everyday and be able to travel and see things I only could dream about as a little girl growing up in Mississippi.

Claire proves yoga can be practiced quite literally anywhere! | Photo courtesy of @cbquality

AM: What’s next for Claire and TrillYoga?

CF: For me? Staying on purpose and continue working on my projects, personal and business related. I have a book in the works shhhh. A move might also be in the future as well.
TrillYoga — I’m always happy to see it grow with a bigger audience, with more global moves for sure. I’ll also have more long term residencies and more pop up classes, as we continue the community aspect of things.
Everyone needs wellness and as we learn better ways to care for ourselves, internally and externally, I want TrillYoga to continue to be a source of knowledge, inspiration, and a way for us all to practice wellness, be it yoga or fitness or anything good for you, in our own unique ways.

Be sure to follow Claire @cbquality and check out her blog here. Get her look below!


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