Creating a Community of Female Goddesses - Corinne Wainer & Shauny Lamba, Founders of SHAKTIBARRE


Having only opened a few months ago, Shaktibarre has already made a big impact on the New York fitness scene. Featured in Vogue and named as one of NYC's Most Kickass Barre Classes by The Culture Trip, we wanted to find out what makes Shaktibarre stand out from other yoga studios. 

Founded by Corinne Wainer and Shauny Lamba, Shaktibarre features a fitness studio, teaching Shaktibarre, Vinyasa and Kundalini, a cafe selling nutritious locally sourced food, and a space for wellness appointments and events, with teachings including integrative nutrition, body image healing and holistic therapy. 

Corinne and Shauny are on a mission to empower the community and promote 'accessible, sustainable wellness', read on to find out what body empowerment means to them, why Michelle Obama is their dream yoga student, and how to make the perfect avocado smoothie!


AM: I read that SHAKTIBARRE is the first yoga-barre studio actively empowering women from every cultural and socioeconomic background. What inspired you to create such an amazing concept?

CW & SL: We strongly believe that health and wellness should be accessible to everyone! A community of strong female goddesses of every background can create a vibrant and powerful community whether you are a teacher, artist, corporate executive, investment banker, entrepreneur, black, white, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Ways that we are actively achieving our mission is by offering sliding scale prices, partnering with local communities from various religious and cultural backgrounds, and creating events such as our monthly community dinners.


AM: How did you come up with the name, SHAKTIBARRE?

CW & SL: Shakti is the sanskrit word for divine, creative and nurturing feminine energy. Corinne came up with the name shaktibarre to enforce our commitment to build a collective that empowers everyone to support that energy within themselves and our community.

AM: What class are you known for?

CW & SL: Our signature shakitbarre classes are designed to tone, lengthen, and awaken your body and mind with our unique yoga-barre workout combining isometric ballet movements with vinyasa flow and empowering meditation. We also offer vinyasa yoga classes and Kundalini!


AM: Do you have any newbie class specials?

CW & SL: We offer a new student special $32 for 4 classes and 10 days to use it! And if you use all 4, you get 20% off of a 10-Class Pack!!!

AM: Tell us more about your holiday boutique this season?

CW & SL: Our holiday boutique is another way that we support the local community, local businesses, and goddesses. We have partnered with several women owned businesses in industries ranging from clothing to essential oils and children’s toys. We’re excited to be featuring these amazing companies, such as yours, in our holiday boutique on Thursdays and Fridays at our Brooklyn studio.


AM: What does body empowerment mean to you?

CW & SL: Body empowerment is loving every part of yourself completely while expanding awareness of where you can build strength, flexibility and balance. We strive to inspire ourselves and our community to grow physically, mentally and spiritually through our shaktibarre classes, a wellness education room, and a cafe stocked with delicious and healthy goodies. We also encourage having compassion for yourself and others knowing that it’s okay to mindfully take child’s pose instead of pushing too hard or eating that scone instead of a salad when it’s just one of those days.

AM: One person past or present that you'd love to have in your class?

CW & SL: We probably have different answers for this one.
We would be star struck into awkward silence if Michelle Obama showed up at SHAKTIBARRE. Her ability to take action and achieve with confidence and elegance is inspiring. Her commitment to supporting nutrition education and fitness has been such a significant part of her time as First Lady. We would be so honored to have her share that in our studio.


AM: Three items that are always in your gym bag?

CW & SL: Water bottle, a sports bra, and leggings

AM: Favorite yoga pose?

CW & SL: Peacock pose is definitely a favorite of mine. This pose represents lightness of our past, which inspires me to let go of all the thoughts that dwell on the past and prevent me from moving forward. It’s also significant to me because it is the first more advanced yoga pose that I was able to fully express. It gave me the confidence and self-awareness that I was able to achieve more than I thought I could.

AM: Go-to smoothie recipe?

CW & SL: That’s an easy one! Corinne and I are obsessed with Avocado Smoothies. 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 cup of milk (whatever type floats your boat), 1-2 tablespoons of honey, and 1/2 cup of ice. Blend it and drink it! It’s packed with healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, protein, potassium and calcium!

Click here for more avocado smoothie ideas - photo courtesy of worldlifestyle.com

AM: What's in the future for SHAKTIBARRE?

CW & SL: Right now we are focused on building our awesome community in Brooklyn, but we do have plans to expand to other parts of New York and and other parts of the country, but we’ll keep you in suspense for that one…

From Left to Right: Corinne Wainer and Shauny Lamba


We will be taking part in the Shaktibarre Holiday Boutique, selling the Alexis Mera Fall collection on December 1st & 2nd - come down and join us! 

Keep up to date with the latest class schedules, wellness activities and pop up events on the Shaktibarre website and Instagram page. 

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