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Alexis Mera Pop-Up and Portraits Events

⚡️Get more info about our next Pop-Up & Portraits open studio event HERE.⚡️

What are Pop-Up & Portraits open studio events? They are a casual gathering that we invite our customers and community to join so you can meet, mingle, get your portraits taken, and shop our latest tees if you'd like! 

Do I have to wear an Alexis Mera tee? Nope!

What should I wear? If you have an Alexis Mera tee, wear it! If not, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

How many photos will I get? Three

Do I have to book a specific time for my portrait during the event? Nope! Swing by during the given event time and we'll make it happen. 

How long will it take? Open studio portrait events are first come first serve. Once it's your turn, it will take approximately 10-15 minutes. 

Who's going to be taking my photo? Our founder, Alexis Mera Damen.

When will I get the photos? Approximately one week after the open studio.

What does it cost? $55

Will you share my photos on your website and social media? We would love to! But we will ask for your consent first.

Why are you doing open studio portrait sessions? Because we want to meet our customers and community and we want you to meet each other, too! And because we love to see people light up in front of our camera.

Will there be any group shots? We hope so! 

Can I get a refund if I can't make it at the last minute? We're sorry, but we can't refund you once you've RSVP'd.

Can I shop Alexis Mera at the event? Yes! We will have inventory at the event and we offer 10% off when you shop at open studio portrait events.

Can I bring a friend? At this time we have limited space. If your friend also signs up, of course they are welcome! However, we can't accept drop-ins.

Where is the open studio? It's different each time! Check the invite to confirm the location or email us at the address below.

⚡️Get more info about our next Pop-Up & Portraits open studio event HERE.⚡️

Additional questions? Email us:

Jenna Hillier Jasmine Rashae
Sara Jenee Naquin 


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