Trust The Process, Be Fearless With Kayla Kleinman

Kayla Kleinman wearing her Alexis Mera Fearless Tank

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When I decided to rebrand my line and start by focusing on graphic t-shirts that get designed in collaboration with trailblazing women I immediately thought of Kayla Kleinman, whom you might remember.

To me, a partnership is about supporting each other in a truly authentic way and not just to get something out of it. I'm so appreciative of the ways that Kayla helped spread the word about Alexis Mera in the past, and I've enjoyed watching her evolve and cheering for her.

I'm always impressed by people who choose a "non-traditional" career path. Honestly, should it even be called non-traditional anymore? The way we work is changing. Maybe that's a conversation for another day.

Kayla is turning her side hustles, blogging and teaching yoga, into her full-time gigs, "I love that every day is a little different and that I get to bring joy and positivity to others. I also love that I get to wear yoga pants all day, every day." Flow with Kayla at CorePower Yoga and Y7 Studio in New York City.

One of the first questions I ask women whom I'm partnering with on a new graphic design is, "What are a few uplifting phrases that you use often?" For Kayla, "trust the process" was a phrase her former boss frequently used, "I’ve always loved it as a mantra. Things take time! I’m a super impatient person and want everything immediately. Because of this I always have to remind myself that sometimes success is a long grind."

Kayla has been blogging for over seven years and has been in the fitness industry for more than six years. It's been a process that's just now getting close to being Kayla's full-time career.

"Every New Year I choose a focus word for the year ahead. A few years back my focus word was fearless, and it ended up being a super powerful choice. I struggle a lot with fear and letting my fears hold me back. But I’ve learned over and over again when I say, 'screw fear,' it’s always so worth it. I’m constantly reminding myself to be fearless and do things even though they scare me."

Kayla's "FEARLESS" tank is screen printed by hand at a small print shop in Brooklyn, NY and we are donating 5% of sales to Planned Parenthood. "I think Planned Parenthood is SUCH an important resource and we need to continue to have a place that provides affordable healthcare to females," says Kayla

Kayla Kleinman wearing her Alexis Mera Fearless Muscle Tank

⚡️ Get Your FEARLESS Tank HERE ⚡️
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

AM: What inspired you to start your blog Kayla in the City?

KK: I created Kayla in the City over seven years ago while I was still in college. At the time I was a senior at NYU/Tisch studying theater. I was starting to get into fitness and working out. I’ve always loved to write and wanted to share my wellness journey, especially as a college student.

Since then Kayla in the City has morphed into so much more — I’m no longer in college, and I hardly talk about fitness these days. I now focus more on sharing nuggets of wisdom on wellness and personal growth as well as tidbits from my own life as I chase my dream career in wellness.

AM: Do you have tips for women who juggle many different tasks, like yourself?

KK: I’m hardly an expert on juggling and often feel like I’m dropping balls left and right. But as far as organization goes, I’m crazy about my to-do list. I don’t know how people function without one. I also always have to check-in with my gut before saying yes to a new project or commitment. You can’t do everything!

AM: Do you have any social media tips you think we can't live without?

KK: First and foremost: be authentically you. The posts that are the most successful for me time and time again are the ones where I’m my most authentic and unfiltered self. Focus on that first, and then you can think about all the bells and whistles of creating a gorgeous, cohesive feed and implementing a strategy.

AM: What are your top 3 tips for someone who wants to start a blog and build a social media following?

KK: First, just start. I didn’t have the perfect blog design or even blog name when I started, but I still pressed publish on my first post. Otherwise, I never would’ve felt like I was ready or everything was perfect. Sometimes the hardest part is just starting.

Second, focus on your why? Why do you want to start a blog or build your social media following? If it’s to make money I encourage you to dig deeper, it’s a long haul before you’ll start monetizing content. First focus on what it is you want to share with your world.

Third, keep at it. When I look back at my early blog posts or super old posts on Instagram, it’s SO embarrassing. Like really, Kayla, this is what you used to post? It took me a while to find my voice, flow and style. Know that it’s not going to happen right away.

Kayla Kleinman Yoga Teacher at CorePower Yoga and Y7 Studio in New York City

⚡️ Get Your FEARLESS Tank HERE ⚡️
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

AM: Do you ever digital detox? If so, how?

KK: I’m terrible about doing this consistently, but I try to do 24-hour social media detoxes here and there. For a while, I was good about staying off Instagram all day Saturday (I’d call this my social media Shabbat) but lately I’ve honestly been slipping.

I know I need to do a detox when I start to feel negatively impacted by social media and like I’m letting it mess with my mood. I’ve never done a super long detox, though, and it’s something I’d like to do in the future.

AM: How do you usually celebrate your wins?

KK: Generally with sushi from my favorite restaurant, hahaha!

AM: What are you celebrating in life, today?

KK: After Thanksgiving, I feel like I’m celebrating gratitude these days. I’m grateful for the life I can lead, that I can follow this non-traditional career path. I’m also super grateful always for my family, boyfriend, friends, and good health.

Kayla Kleinman, Blogger and Yoga Teacher in New York City

⚡️ Get Your FEARLESS Tank HERE ⚡️
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

AM: What's something about you that we wouldn't know by looking at your social media profiles?

KK: I’m pretty open on social media, and almost nothing is off limits — I talk about how I’m shamelessly addicted to America’s Next Top Model and RuPaul's Drag Race. I’m also a mega musical theater fan and still go to shows fairly frequently.

As with anything, it’s impossible to show all dimensions of who I am on the Internet. I think people are always surprised to realize I eat A LOT of takeout and don’t cook all that much. Also, I’m a total night owl and waking up super early to teach is a STRUGGLE for me.

I always joke that I’m way more awkward in real life than I am on the Internet. However, overall I do try to be as “me” as is possible.

AM: Do you have any side hustles/passions?

KK: Blogging and teaching have always been my side hustle, but now I’m working to make them my full-time gig!

Kayla Kleinman, Wellness Blogger in New York City

⚡️ Get Your FEARLESS Tank HERE ⚡️
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

AM: Three adjectives that describe you?

KK: Driven, intense, passionate.

AM: What motivates you?

KK: I always struggle when asked this question because honestly, I’ve always been ridiculously self-motivated, almost to a fault. My mom still talks about how growing up she never had to nag me to do my homework or study — I wanted to get good grades just to prove to myself that I could.

AM: What inspires you in work and life?

I get inspiration from all the people I’ve been able to connect with, both as a yoga instructor and a blogger. My students inspire me SO SO much; I’m in awe of their practices and devotion to yoga. In blogging, I’m super inspired by my friends that I’ve connected with thanks to this space who are crushing it in their own business endeavors.

Kayla Kleinman New York City Yoga Teacher and Blogger

AM: What's your proudest accomplishment for this year?

KK: I finished my master's degree in social media and mobile marketing this summer! I’m SO grateful to be done with grad school.

⚡️ Get Your FEARLESS Tank HERE ⚡️
5% of all sales go to Planned Parenthood

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