It's National Yoga Month! Here's why we love yoga.



It's no secret that yoga is one of the best ways to get back in touch with your mind, body and spirit. So in honor of #nationalyogamonth, we've asked some of our friends what brings them to their mat time and time again. 

Alexis Mera Damen

I do yoga to clear my head, relieve tension and to take a break from work. I love how it makes me feel and enjoy challenging myself to nail a pose, but always know that it's not about the pose as much as it's about being there in the moment. @alexismdamen

Jenna Hillier

I do yoga to create space in my busy schedule to check in with my Body. When I’m present on the mat, I connect with my breath and ask my Body what it needs. I love how it makes me feel light and nourished from head to toe. @themeasureofawoman

Alexa Rae Ibarra

I do yoga because it brings me clarity. When I am on the mat I feel most myself. I love the challenge, I love the attempt, the predictable come down and the incredible feeling when you KNOW in your soul you feel and flow with ease and light because you feel that special light yoga brings. Yoga is a passion and such a gift to be able to test our bodies, minds and conquer all. @aribarra

Kayla Kleinman

I do yoga for my sanity and to ease anxiety. As a reminder to breathe and and stay present. And also because I have really really tight hips. @kaylakleinman

Stephanie Jade Wong

I do yoga because it lets me escape from reality if only for a moment. I can forget about what stressed me out at work and reconnect with my breath and spirit. Yoga is relaxing when I need to to be, yet can be challenging when I want it to be. I always arrive at the mat with an open mind, ready for anything. @stephaniejadewong

Lauren Chiarello

I do yoga to connect with my body + mind. It’s so important to take time out for ourselves to reset + recharge. The flow is super calming + washes away any worries I have -- bringing me in the present moment. That’s all we have. No day but today. @chichilifenyc

Shanna Salmon

I do yoga to help me in my happiest and toughest moments. I love how it helps me foster parts of myself that not only need attention on the mat, but also on each life situation. Every time I am finished with a flow, it reminds me why I show up and strive to do so daily. @shannatyler_

Emi Horikawa

I do yoga because of the unique challenge it presents every time I practice. I almost never regret the decision to go to class, even when I'm exhausted, and I now crave the physical and mental relief it provides. @ehorikaw

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