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Kendall Carriere is owner of three Barre3 locations, a promoter of health and organic skincare, and a self described 'eternal optimist'. Born in South Carolina, and living in New Orleans, she is a Southern girl at heart, with a love of fitness, friends and family. 

We took a moment to chat Barre, NOLA and skincare with this red-haired beauty, finding out all the best spots to eat healthy (and not so healthy), and shop the best fitness fashion down South.

AM: Tell us about your background and what inspired you to become an owner of Barre3 studios?

KC: My education is in physical education and health promotion. Everything I did was 110%. Power Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, Long Distance Running. At 34 my body and will to keep doing what I was doing was broken. I found barre3 online. Rehabbed my body and have never felt better.  I still get deep (deeper actually) muscle burn without tearing up my body. 



AM: What would you say is the hardest move in Barre?

KC: The hardest hold is the one you are in. Holds are your body at its very deepest contraction so they are tough. 

AM: You describe yourself as an ‘eternal optimist’ - what is your favorite positive quote?

KC: "Fortune Favors the Bold".  I am an optimist risk taker. This quote makes be feel brave and hopeful.


AM: Tell us 3 places everyone should visit in New Orleans - aside from Barre3!


1. The Fly - Go see the mighty Mississippi River up.

2. Raw Republic- They are my favorite healthy juice company with a mediation space and health coaching. They are my people.

3. The Columns hotel on St. Charles. Drink Champagne on the big porch over looking avenue.

Raw Republic juices are 100% organic and raw. Photo courtesy of rawrepublicjuice.com


AM: There is sooo much good Southern food in New Orleans, what’s your favorite treat day meal?

KC: I love Willa Jean. They are an amazing John Besh restaurant that specifies in the best of southern cooking. I love their brunch.



AM: Favorite recipe from the #b3kitchen recipe blog?

KC: The Moroccan Stew.  It is easy. You put it all in a crock pot. When come home your house smells like cinnamon and spice. It my favorite fall recipe.

AM: One food you couldn’t live without?

KC: I survive on raw cashews

AM: Favorite way to spend your day off.

KC: Boring, but truthfully awesome. With my family, friends and animals, laughing.



AM: You have three Barre3 locations in New Orleans, do you have plans to open more?

KC: I opened my Old Metairie location just 3 months ago. At this moment, 3 feels right.

AM: Where’s next on your travel list?

KC: British Airlines just opened a non-stop to London from NOLA.  That just put it at the top of my list. I have been, but I need to go back.


AM: Favorite place to buy workout gear in New Orleans?

KC: If not from my stores, I love Basics Swim and Gym on Magazine Street and Lululemon at Lakeside mall.

AM: I saw a little while back on your Instagram you cleared out all skincare products containing hormone disruptors - what is your daily skincare regime now?

KC: YES!  Besides b3 this is my purpose. To spread the news.  You have to research absolutely everything.  In the US we have only 12 banned ingredients. The EU has over 1,500.  This is terrifying.

AM: What are your favorite skincare products?

KC: I LOVE Josh Rosebrook, Beautycounter, Tata Harper, Juice Beauty and Aveda.  If these companies don't make it, I don't use it.

Josh Rosebrook skincare contains all Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients - photo courtesy of joshrosebrook.com


AM: Favorite spot for date night?

KC: Vincents. It is in my neighborhood. The owner and the team know all their customers. The lighting is great. The music. The food. Our family tradition is to spend every Christmas Eve there.

AM: Goals for 2017?

KC: To work smarter, not harder. To empower others. To stay committed to being real, not perfect.


Follow Kendall @kendallcarriere on Instagram or drop in to one of her classes on your next trip to New Orleans. 

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