'Forget The Cheat Day!' with Shom Chowdhury, Founder of Indie Fresh

The days of gorging ourselves on as much as we can get our hands on once a week to balance out six days of restrictive diets and bland food are long gone. Shom Chowdhury has come up with Indie Fresh - a food company offering delicious and nutritious meals to grab and go, have delivered, pre or post workout, that taste so good you won't even need that cheat day! 

Found in their standalone Chelsea Market and Hell's Kitchen locations, or at various fitness studios across the country, Indie Fresh offers 'healthy versions of timeless classics'. The huge selection of salads, burgers (yes, we said burgers!), soups, shakes and juices offer enough variety for you to never get bored, and if you do run out of ideas why not try one of the daily meal kits put together by professional athletes. 

We chatted to the man behind the brand, boyfriend to fitness babe Ashley Wilking, Shom Chowdhury and found out how he kicks those sugar cravings, how he likes to keep fit, and of course, what his ultimate cheat day food is.

AM: What inspired you to start Indie Fresh?

SC: I’ve always believed in a healthy balance between food and exercise to achieve dietary results. Over the last few years there’s been a huge movement in group stop shops for fitness like Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul Cycle. However there wasn’t a spot where you could get everything from a dietary perspective...smoothie, vegan, non-vegan, food, coffee...grab and go, eat in after a workout, get we created Indie.

AM: Your motto is ‘Forget the cheat day’- now I have to ask, what is your ultimate cheat day food? Or, what was it before starting Indie Fresh?

SC: I only have one (food) mistress: pizza. Artichoke is my fave in NYC.

AM: Top tips for kicking those sugar cravings?

SC: Drink sparkling water with little or no sodium, La Croix is a great brand. It fills you up and gives you a great bit of bite. Also great for not drinking alcohol when you’re out if you’re trying to steer clear of that.

AM: I love the look of your smoothies! Can you give us your favorite smoothie recipe?

SC: My favorite is our Wake Up Ashley Coffee & Protein Shake:

2 ounce Coconut Water
2 ounce Almond Milk
4 ounce Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee
2 tablespoons of Almond Butter
1 teaspoon cacao nibs
2 dates
4 Tablespoons of Performix Chocolate Whey Protein
4 Tablespoons of Indie Paleo Granola
½ frozen or fresh banana

Blend until smooth, yields 16 ounces, serve in a mason jar topped with goji berries

Indie Fresh Wake Up Ashley Smoothie, photo courtesy of


AM: Where do you get recipe inspiration from?

SC: I like things that can package well and have a decent shelf life. My partner and creative genius in the kitchen (and workout buddy) is Iron Chef Akhtar Nawab. He does a great job of raising the game on shelf stable product that doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out on flavor.



AM: Great news you offer delivery service! What is your most popular selling item on the menu?

SC: Bison Meatballs & Quinoa!

Indie Fresh bison meatballs, cremini mushroom sauce and red quinoa. Photo courtesy of

AM: You have a restaurant in Chelsea Market too, famous for its massive food offering. Where’s your favorite foodie spot, when not eating Indie Fresh?

SC: Dicksons Meats, they serve THE BEST chicken and beef in the city. The owner Jake is a good buddy of mine and insane about sourcing exceptional product. Try their Rotisserie chicken if you haven’t and it will change your life!

AM: You offer #Myindie meal packages inspired by the daily diets of fitness professionals. Who is your ultimate fitness inspiration?

Easy, my girlfriend, Ashley Wilking. She’s not only a Certified Personal Trainer, but also a martial arts/boxing expert, top 10% Triathlete, expert swimmer, yogi..and the list goes on an on. She brings it every day and really lives the lifestyle of an everyday athlete. She eats right, stays fit and not only is an inspiration to me but to everyone around her...I’m really in awe of her and don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed by one athlete that is so diversified.

Dream team - Shom and girlfriend @ashleywilking 


AM: How do you like to keep fit?

SC: I keep it simple: Indie, Barry’s Bootcamp, Soul Cycle. I’ll throw in a few runs, Yoga sessions, and road-cycle rides...but I like the routine of Barry’s and spinning. They allow you to have a consistent base and challenge yourself as you go.

AM: What’s next for Indie Fresh?

SC: Pushing the daily meal kits and expansion. I’d like to see more people eating healthy and exercising regularly. I think you accomplish that not by convincing people it’s the right thing to do, but to give people who want to live that way the tools to do so. Once they do, people will follow. And before you know it, everybody is doing it!


Follow @goindiefresh on Instagram for daily inspiration and head to their website to make the next meal you order, a healthy one. 

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