Fishtail, Faux-Hawk, and Dutch Braids by Easy Mane

Cristina Guzman of Easy Mane Hair Styling
Cristina at our shoot in Washington Square Park, NYC


We were lucky enough to have our friend Cristina from Easy Mane at our most recent photo shoot for our new Fall Sweatshirts. Formerly a production professional in the Fashion industry, Cristina is on to her next adventure (her true calling), and is quickly becoming the resident hair stylist at Alexis Mera. She also offers at home blow outs and easy braids, in case you were wondering... 

Read on to learn more about Cristina and the braid styling she did at our Washington Square Photo Shoot.

AM: What inspired you to get into hairstyling?  

CG: I am an only child, and while growing up it was always fun for me to play with my dolls hair, or those friends who would let me braid theirs. I was envious of my friends who had gorgeous straight or wavy hair. I of course, was not as lucky to have that hair, but incredibly curly hair. Looking back, I wish I had appreciated my hair texture for what it was and not what it could be. I loved having my hair done when I was young as well, and always left the salon with a feeling of incredible beauty, with my gorgeous blow dried straight hair. 

 Cristina Guzman as a child
Cristina rocking her wild locks from a young age.


AM: What's your favorite type of braid to rock? 

CG: I think my favorite braid to rock would be to wear a crown braid. I have been growing out my hair since I gave birth to my son. Its been a long process, but wearing my hair that way makes me feel refreshed and unique. You don't see many women or mom's wearing that style just to run around in. It's just so versatile. I can wear it when I go to the pool or beach, or for a night out to the ballet or opera. Its just a beautiful style. 

AM: Any tips for braids on short hair?

CG: You too can rock a braid on your hair. I went from a pixie cut style, to now shoulder length hair. A side braid helped me get through that growing out process without wanting to cut my hair off again. Even if you don't know how to french braid your hair, just parting a chunk of hair from the front, and pinning it behind your ear, will show others how versatile short hair can really be! 

AM: What's your favorite hair salon in NYC? 

CG: Hand's down, Marie Robinson salon. They have the most talented stylists in New York. Splurging on your hair is an investment. You want to know that your hair is in the right hands and that they will do an excellent job. All the stylist are incredibly educated in different hair textures, and no one makes me feel uncomfortable for having my super curly hair. They embrace it and try to convince me to wear it that way more than blow drying it. 

AM: Do you offer at home hair braiding? 

CG: I do offer at home braiding and blow dry services in NYC, find me on Instagram @easymanexcristina

AM: Who's your celebrity hair crush? 

CG: This is such a hard question. I love any one who embraces and rocks their natural hair. I can list a number of people, but I think Solange Knowles is one and of course, Jennifer Lopez!  I just want to be her for a week. They are so different and cool. It would just be fun to be around them. 

AM: If you could braid anyone's hair, past or present, who would it be?

CG: I mean, the most amazing person that I can think of is Joan of Arc. She was a warrior and needed to have her hair pulled away from her face. Plus, how amazing would it be to hear her life story!?

AM: The braids you recently did for our photo shoot looked amazing. What quick tips do you have for executing these braids at home? 

CG: You can use these same few tips for all three braids!

1. Try not to style a braid in freshly blowdried hair. It will not stay together unfortunately. If you have more textured hair, you can rock these styles wet. Two day hair is best for helping these styles stay in place.  

2. The oilier your hair is, the better! You can also use product to keep the braid in place. My personal favorite is by Kerastase for my hair texture (which is pretty curly). But for those with finer locks, using a hair spray such as MoroccanOil's Luminous Hair Spray (Medium or Strong hold), or Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray works beautifully. Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray is great to have for overall usage. 

Scroll on to see more of Cristina's Fishtail, Faux-Hawk, and Dutch Braids below.

Fishtail Braid

Model: @drlauramiranda - Founder and Creator of PURSUIT


Best hair type for this braid: All hair types. For those with curly hair, yes you CAN do this style.

Where to wear this braid: Work out, brunch, date night, and work! It is so versatile and sophisticated that everyone will be complimenting you on this style. 


Fishtail Braid by Easy Mane

Fishtail Braid by Easy Mane

Faux-Hawk Braid

 Faux Hawk Braid by Easy Mane
Model: @adamantlyadler - Intern at HBFIT


Best hair type for this braid: All Hair types can wear this style. Starting points of this style can vary. My personal favorite is to start from the very front and work back. 

Where to wear this braid: Faux-Hawk can be worn to work out, brunch, date night, work, the pool or beach and running around doing errands. It is the cool girl version of the regular french braid!

Faux Hawk Braid by Easy Mane

Faux Hawk Braid by Easy Mane

Dutch Braids

 Dutch Braids by Easy Mane
Model: @sincerelyamc - Fitness + Life + Style 


Best hair type for this braid: All hair types.  One of the most flattering styles for all to wear. 

Where to wear this braid: Dutch Braids can be worn to work out, brunch, the pool or beach and running around doing errands. It can also be worn to date night, if you switch up where you part the hair, and pinning it back so that it looks like a crown. 

Dutch Braids by Easy Mane

Dutch Braids by Easy Mane

Cristina Guzman at Alexis Mera Washington Square Photo Shoot
That's a wrap! 

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