Cosmic Night Sweatshirt, Styled By Rachel Mansfield

Rachel Mansfield

You may remember Rachel from our recent interview about her recipes that are not only healthy but gluten free and dairy free too, meaning they will make you feel fantastic too! Rachel Mansfield has perfected the art of making good-for-you food look and taste like the best thing on the planet! And she looks pretty dang cute in our new cosmic night sweatshirt too! Read on to learn more about Rachel and where she'd go in this outfit.  

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

RM: Every day is very different but I always start my day with breakfast as soon as I wake up and catch up on emails. Then about 4x a week I head to a work out classes in the morning before getting to recipe testing and working with my clients for the day. No day is the same!

AM: Tell us about this outfit! Which pieces did you pair your AM gear with, and why? 

RM: I paired this new top with black crops and black sneakers. I wanted some more basic because the top is full of flavor and color.

Rachel Mansfield

AM: Where are 3 places you’d wear this outfit? 

RM: To workout, grocery store, run errands!

AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece?

RM: The material! It is SO great!

AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 

RM: Simple chic

AM: If you were deserted on an island, what one item would you want with you? 

RM: Justin’s mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

 Rachel Mansfield
 Rachel Mansfield's peanut butter cup smoothie bowl. Photo courtesy of @rachlmansfield


AM: Favorite sinful treat food?

RM: Pizza or cookies!

AM: Prints or plains to work out in?

RM: Depends on my mood that morning, usually a mix of both though!

 Rachel Mansfield

AM: One place in the world you would love to visit?

RM: Bali!

AM:  Favorite song to work out to?

RM: Mmm I don’t have one favorite to workout to but I usually love everything my Flybarre instructors put on!

AM: Three things that are always in your gym bag?

RM: A snack, lip gloss and deodorant.

 Rachel Mansfield Happy Gut Breakfast Bowl
Photo courtesy of Rachel Mansfield

AM: Favorite smoothie recipe?

RM: I’m actually not a smoothie person! I don’t like drinking my food. But I love making smoothie and açai bowls. My favorite is anything with chocolate and nut butter with some frozen banana, almond milk and a plant based protein powder or vital proteins!

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