Clean Eating City Guide: London's Top Healthy Eating Spots

Bel-Air, Shoreditch. Photo courtesy of


Travelling and exploring new places whilst trying to stay healthy and eat clean can be a little tricky, especially when you don't know your way around or where's good to go. Well worry no more! Our new blog series 'Clean Eating City Guide' are here to bring you the best healthy eating spots around the globe, focusing on a different city each month. Healthy food - check, cool hangout spot - check, incredibly delicious - big check. 

Kicking the new blog series off - London. Offering more than the traditional 'Pie and Mash' and 'Fish and Chips', London is a modern day health food haven, with a restaurant scene to rival New York. There are some great spots to check out, here are a few of my faves:

1. East London - Bel-Air, Shoreditch

Bel-Air, Shoreditch. Photo courtesy of


Describing itself as 'Feel Good Fast Food', Bel-Air is brainchild of Andrew Bredon, who wanted to bring some Californian sun back to drizzly London after his trip to L.A. Serving up healthy, delicious food including home-made granola, smoothies.... gluten free and dairy free options are all available. For breakfast, why not try the almond milk porridge, or 'Muscle Beach' pot with grilled steak, smoky spinach, sweet potato hash and a poached egg. For lunch, Bel-Air offers serves up home-made salads, which you can mix and match in a box and top with your choice of protein. This great little spot is perfect if you area and looking for a quick health fix. Follow on Instagram @belairfood.

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2. Central London - Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe @ Selfridges, Oxford St

Hemsley + Hemsley @ their recently opened Cafe in Selfridges. Photo courtesy of


The Hemsley sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, have gained a huge following this year. With two cookbooks - 'Good and Simple', and 'The Art of Eating Well', a weekly cooking show on prime tv, and now their very own cafe, their formula of 'delicious, nutrient-dense food' is a winner. Bone broths and natural fats play a key role in their cooking, as well as natural, quality ingredients. All of their recipes are free from gluten, grains, refined sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Expect green juices, coconut buckwheat porridge and quinoa courgette toast for breakfast, and swing by later for dishes such as Moroccan chicken stew with cauliflower tabbouleh, and feta and black bean burgers served with lime slaw and cultured ketchup. Follow on instagram @hemsleyhemsley.

Moroccan chicken stew, and avocado and feta on quinoa courgette toast. Photo courtesy of


3. West London - The Good Life Eatery, Chelsea

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Serving up smoothies, salads, bowls and desserts, The Good Life Eatery is a mecca for delicious health food. Their philosophy is 'good old fashioned, freshly made food that just happens to be good for you'. Launched in 2013 by two young women Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros, with a passion for healthy food, they offer clean, simple and fresh food to have in, take away or even be delivered right to your front door! The menu caters to vegans, vegetarians, those who are gluten free and dairy free - stop by anytime of day for a hit of goodness. Follow on instagram @goodlifeeatery.

 Gluten free, dairy free and vegan treats at The Good Life Eatery. Photo couresy of


5. West London - The Mae Deli

Ella Woodward, a.k.a. Deliciously Ella. Photo courtesy of


Health food blogger Ella Woodward has gained huge popularity in the UK over the past few years - she now has almost 1 million followers on Instagram! Once a sugar fiend, a rare illness forced her to change her lifestyle and eating habits forever. Cutting out all processed foods as well as wheat, dairy and refined sugar, Ella follows a plant-based diet and focuses on whole foods. Her blog, Deliciously Ella, shares all of her healthy, wholesome recipes. Having launched an iPhone app, and released several cookbooks, Ella opened a deli in London this year, bringing her on-screen recipes to life - coconut chia pudding, banana and coconut pancakes, and Mae bowls are just a few of the delights on offer. Follow @deliciouslyella

 Mae bowls. Photo courtesy of


6. South London - Honest Burgers, Brixton Market

Honest Burgers in Brixton Market. Photo courtesy of


Ok, so a burger isn't necessarily GOOD for you, however if you are going to treat yourself, you'd probably want to know that what you're eating is made from really great produce. With a simple menu, Honest Burgers places a huge focus on quality, maintaining their original approach from when they opened in 2011 - 'to do one thing, and do it well'. Free range chicken, dry aged beef and market vegetables are the choices for your burger, with sides including apple, beetroot and red cabbage coleslaw, and house dressed green salad. Gluten free buns are available on request also. Honest Burgers has grown in popularity so much, they now have fifteen locations across London. Follow on instagram @honestburgers.

 Honest Burgers are all served with their famous rosemary fries. Photo courtesy of


Keep a look out for our next clean eating city guide!


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