Staying Positive and Motivated To Meet Your Goals — A Chat With Chasi Jernigan

By: Stephanie Jade Wong

Chasi Jernigan, Sweat in Mascara, Plus Size Blogger

Why do we still make New Year’s resolutions when 80% of them fail by February? Maybe it’s because the goals are unrealistic, there are too many of them, or the motivation and mindset aren’t there. It’s one thing to say you’ll meet your goals, but it’s another to actually meet them.

Chasi Jernigan, who was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Young Leaders in Tupelo, Mississippi, doesn't make New Year’s resolutions.

“I stick to creating rituals and realistic goals.”

“It’s OK to fall, but don’t live there. When you live in your pity, you get stuck. Get up and make it happen!” says Chasi

Chasi’s a fitness instructor, blogger at Sweat in Mascara, wife, and mom. For someone who’s got so much on her plate, she took a breather to chat with us.

Chasi Jernigan, Sweat in Mascara, Plus Size Blogger

AM: What motivates you to wake up and work?

JC: My family and seeing my thoughts become a reality! It’s not enough for me to sit around and talk about what I want to do. I want my children to know that talking is OK, but also getting to work and turning your thoughts into actions.

AM: What do you love about being a fitness instructor?

CJ: I love the “Aha!” moment when ladies realize their bodies can accomplish many things at any size! When I started teaching six years ago, there was no such thing as “fit has no size,” and I want to show the world differently.

Chasi Jernigan, Sweat in Mascara, Plus Size Blogger

AM: How did social media help you build a community?

CJ: What started out as a weight-loss journey transformed into living beyond the scale. Many women resonated with this and we connected! I’m thankful for this journey!

AM: What does it mean to you when you see brands like Alexis Mera offering plus-size clothing?

JC: That we are finally making strides to dress all bodies! It lets me know that brands like Alexis Mera believe in Chasi Jernigan fitness! That makes me smile!

Chasi Jernigan, Sweat in Mascara, Plus Size Blogger

AM How can we all work to be more inclusive?

JC: LOVE, and don’t judge!

AM: What would you tell someone struggling with body positivity?

JC: Say great things to yourself. Speak over yourself! Use affirmations, quotes, bible scriptures! Have a heart of gratitude. When we are unhappy with ourselves, it’s because we lack gratitude. When you are able to focus on the fact that you are alive, you can live, move, and love, then your problem becomes so small.

AM: Do you have go-to positive affirmations or mantras?

JC: “I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it.” Perception is everything!

Chasi Jernigan, Sweat in Mascara, Plus Size Blogger

AM: Who inspires you?

CJ: My husband inspires me! Let me set the record straight, he’s far from perfect, but he’s always planted sweet words into me. He believed in me before I knew I could do any of this!

AM: Do you have any fashion icons?

CJ: Toya Wright (@thefatgirloffashion)!! I also love Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross) and Sarah Jakes (@sarahjakesroberts).

AM: What are some must-visit spots in Tupelo?

JC: REMI Church (my husband is the pastor there.) You know this is the birthplace of Elvis so heading to Elvis Presley Drive for a tour is a must!

AM: What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

JC: I’m really pumped about my online dance classes! I’m focusing on dancing with many of my readers! I know this will be so much fun!

Chasi Jernigan, Sweat in Mascara, Plus Size Blogger

AM: What are you celebrating in life today?

JC: Physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Chasi’s positivity is contagious and motivational. If you’re struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions think about why you made that resolution and of how you can get in the right mindset to meet your goal.

Follow Chasi on Instagram @chasijernigan, and check out her blog, Sweat In Mascara.



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