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#AMWEEKLY August 4, 2017

A Letter From Alexis!

We're mixing things up a bit at AM.

Each week, we'll be posting a letter from our founder/designer/jack of all trades, Alexis, on the blog. Expect updates on what's going on at the AM office - a closer look into what goes into designing, manufacturing and turning our ideas into a reality, for you to enjoy.

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One of my favorite parts about having a small business is getting to meet other boss ladies all the time. Starting AM really forced me to break out of my shell a bit, and to be more outgoing and open in general - you'd be surprised by the number of amazing women I've met through Instagram alone! Let's be real, networking is key. Whether you're an entrepreneur or climbing the career ladder, getting out there, meeting new people, collaborating and sharing experiences is one of the best ways to grow (at least I think so!).

 Alexis Mera and Esther Gauthier
Getting the perfect shot in front of AQUA Studio.


Two of our latest collabs (one is still in the works), involved photo shoots - another one of my favorite things!

A few weeks ago we had a shoot with AQUA Studio founder, Esther Gauthier (you may have seen her feature in our last newsletter). When I say 'we had a shoot', I mean me (and Alekza, my social media gal was also there to capture a few behind the scenes moments). I do all of the lifestyle photography for the line - I really enjoy seeing people transform and light up in front of the camera. Most of the women I photograph are not professional models, and as we all know, getting in front of a camera is not easy. They all succeed with flying colors!

Our blog feature on Esther gives you a glimpse into AQUA Studio, what inspired Esther to start up and also what keeps her going (#girlboss vibes all around). We styled Esther in our new navy shine leggings and crop bra, and captured so many great moments inside and outside the studio. I love working with other entrepreneurs and building relationships, it's super motivating!

 Alexis Mera prepping for a shoot
Here I am prepping product for a recent photo shoot.


In the works is our collab with a few lovely ladies who teach at Bari Studio, and we'll also be popping up there this September - stay tuned!

We're all about empowering women to feel happy, healthy and beautiful in their own skin, so we're hoping to help you do just that.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Alexis Mera

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