Acroyogi Sylvie Curci Puts The AM Joggers Through Their Paces

Sylvie Curci is rocking our Floral Haze Joggers | Hair by: @easymanexcristina


Likely to be found upside down performing a crazy balancing act with her Acro partner Jake Boly, Sylvie Curci is one strong lady! Describing herself as a 'humanitarian on a health mission', she is not only driven to succeed personally, but help others less fortunate than herself succeed too. 

We asked Sylvie to put her favorite AM piece through it's paces - winning hands down on stretch and comfort. Check out the photo shoot below and learn more about this Acroyogi babe. 

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

SC: I am the typical New Yorker on-the-go. In a single day you are likely spot me at CrossFit Solace completing a WOD, in Washington Square Park doing Acro, at Hu Kitchen having a business meeting, in the middle of Park Avenue doing handstands for a photoshoot, and at Modo Yoga getting flexy.



AM: Tell us about this outfit! Which pieces did you pair your AM gear with, and why?

SC: I absolutely adore this outfit! I decided to pair the AM Jogger pants with my favorite sleeveless hoody to convey a laidback (yet ready to handstand at any moment) sort of look.

Hair by: @easymanexcristina


AM: Where are 3 places you’d wear this outfit?

SC: The gym, the coffee shop, the beach.

AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece?

SC: I love how comfortable and breathable the AM Jogger pants are. For a girl who lives in skin-tight spandex most of the time, a little stretch and comfort is greatly appreciated on occasion!


AM: How would you describe your style in two words?

SC: Sassy fit.


AM: Favorite sinful treat food?

SC: Peach Snapple.


AM: One place in the world you would love to visit?

SC: Jerusalem.

AM: Favorite yoga pose.

SC: Mermaid.


Check out Sylvie's Instagram page for some pretty amazing Acroyoga moves and get inspired! 


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