A Moment with Sarah Levey, Co-founder of Y7 Studio

Sarah Levey Founder of Y7 Studio
Photo courtesy of @sarah_levey


Our latest fitness obsession is definitely with hip-hop yoga at Y7 Studio. Known as the sweat drippin', beat bumpin', candlelit yoga, Y7 is the original New York City hip-hop yoga studio. Skip the chanting, enjoy the beats, and leave with a feeling of accomplishment (every time). We were lucky enough to chat with Co-founder, Sarah Levey, about yoga, life, and what's next for Y7 Studio. Read on to learn more about Sarah and the story behind Y7. 

AM: What inspired you to launch Y7? 

SL: When I first moved to NYC I found it difficult to find somewhere I wanted to practice and after a couple of years we decided to start our own! Y7 came out of a genuine desire for elements I was craving in a class.

AM: What does Y7 stand for?

SL: Y7 stands for Yoga and the seven chakras.

AM: What sets Y7 apart from other yoga studios?

SL: At Y7 we practice in a dark, candlelit room with no mirrors (no judgement), infrared heating technology (which maximizes calorie burn, promotes blood flow and detoxification) and all of our music is hop hop inspired. It is fun – we wanted to create a space where everyone feels welcome and no one takes themselves too seriously – we have enough of that in our lives.

AM: All classes are candlelit which I love! Aside from yoga, how do you like to wind down after a hard day or at the weekends?

SL: A glass of wine and good friends.

AM: Y7 is famed for its hip hop soundtrack, what are your top 3 tracks to practice to at the moment?

SL: Small Talk – Majid Jordan, Beware – Big Sean, Power Trip – J.Cole

AM: Favorite hip hop artist?

SL: Big Sean

AM: If you could invite a celebrity to your class, who would it be?

SL: Chrissy Teigen

AM: What do you like to wear to work out?

SL: Alala leggings (amazing for heated workouts or anything where you sweat a lot) and a sports bra – I love onzie and phat buddah.

Sarah Levey Co-founder of Y7 Studio
Photo courtesy of @sarah_levey


AM: Prints or plains?

SL: Plains 

AM: Who’s your fashion icon?

SL: Jessica Alba

AM: What is your go-to smoothie recipe?

SL: Kale, banana, spinach, almond milk.

AM: 5 reasons everyone should do yoga?

SL: Just 5?! It reduces stress, improves concentration/focus, increases body awareness, regular practice reduces your risk for injury, its an amazing workout.

AM: Favorite yoga pose?

SL: Half moon pose

AM: You have locations in NY and LA - which is your favorite city?

SL: I love both cities! They both have so much to offer. At this point in my life I am a NYC girl – I thrive off of the intensity and energy of the city it makes me feel alive. But I definitely see the LA life in my future – when I am out there I feel like I can breathe.

AM: Favorite NYC hangout spot?

SL: Rin Tin Tin

AM: Favorite LA hangout spot

SL: Croft Alley

AM: Favorite place you have ever practiced yoga?

SL: Is it bad if I say y7?!

 Y7 Studio - a tribe called sweat
Photo courtesy of @y7studio


AM: What's next for Y7?

SL: So much! We are currently gearing up to open our 6th location (with more in the works), our 200 hr teacher training is expanding and we are announcing our first retreat in the next couple of weeks.

Learn more about Y7 Studio and book your next class here!

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