A Moment with QCoach Marisa Merliss

 Marisa at Qinetic Studio
Marisa at Qinetic Studios


You may be wondering what a QCoach is. If you haven't already checked it out, please do! Qinetic, is the one stop live streaming platform where you can find high quality interactive group fitness classes and nutrition segments hosted by top names in the industry. Qinetic gives you a virtual workout experience so you can stay fit when and wherever you are! Workout on the go with their new iOS App!

We were lucky enough to chat a bit with QCoach Marisa Merliss about health, wellness, and life in general. Read on to learn more about this inspiring boss babe and be sure to tune into or the app on Feb 22nd at 12 noon ET for Marisa's LIVE Pilates Core and Stretch workout, where she puts our Wave Runner Legging and Crop Bra to the test. The class will focus on strengthening and mobilizing the core and spine utilizing a fusion of dynamic and static flexibility moves and Pilates exercises. 

We'll be streaming a preview of the class on our Facebook and Instagram beforehand, to give you a sneak peak!

Marisa at Qinetic Studios

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

MM: Hi! My name is Marisa Merliss and I’m a fitness and wellness professional living in New York City. It’s hard to describe a typical day because there is a lot of diversity in my schedule. During the evenings and on Saturdays you can find me teaching MELT Method, bodyART and Barre classes in NYC at the new Lifetime SKY Athletic Club, Body & Pole Studio, and Core Pilates NYC. I specialize in teaching restorative MELT Method classes/private sessions to professional dancers, Broadway performers and aerialists. I also do freelance fitness programming and work regularly as a fitness/commercial model. So a typical day could include teaching a few classes/private sessions, castings, or a shoot or all of the above. In between you can also finding me roaming around Chelsea/Flatiron for meetings, sitting in a cozy spot catching up on emails or chair dancing in a coffee shop making playlists for my classes.

Marisa at Qinetic Studios

AM: You’ve got quite the resume, Model, Dancer, RN, and QCoach. What inspired you to take this journey into wellness and what keeps you going?  

MM: Thanks Alexis! It’s been an eclectic journey. I love science and am fascinated by the make up and mechanics of the the human body. Throughout my dance career I struggled with several debilitating injuries and learned a lot of ways to recover and prevent injuries through fitness and restorative modalities. I received my Bachelors in Nursing while minoring in dance in college so this made my knowledge of anatomy much more useful.  I also have a mild form of Elhers Danlos, which a connective tissue (fascia) disorder that causes severe hyper mobility and leaves the body very prone to misalignment and chronic pain. So many people struggle with hyper mobility and don’t know what to do for it. The two methods that have changed my life and have stabilized my spine/joints and keep me out of pain are the MELT Method and bodyART Functional Training. Being able to share these two intelligently designed programs with other dancers, aerialist, athletes, anyone struggling with pain, or just looking to work smarter not harder gives so much purpose to the struggle I went through for years. Most of the workouts and programming I create are based on longevity and helping people feel good in their bodies. Inspiring and help people to get out of pain, live a more carefree lifestyle and be able to physically do things again they never thought possible is what keeps me going on the longest days.

Marisa at Qinetic Studios

AM: We love that you stream your live workouts on Qinetic, what types of workouts can we expect to see there and can we watch them anytime?

MM: The workouts I’m most inspired to create are based on functional training, stability, mobility, pilates and dance/barre work. Currently, I have a Total Body Mobility & Strength series with Qinetic incorporating low impact stabilization exercises with dynamic and static stretching influenced my my physical therapy, pilates, and dance background. I’m hoping to do more pilates and barre based workouts in the coming months. You can watch the workouts live or a few days after they air they are posted to view anytime on the Qinetic website.

REVIVE Retreat

AM: We see you are ALSO the co-founder of Revive Restorative Retreats! When is the next retreat, and where can we learn more?

MM: Our next retreat is in Holbox Island, Mexico, March 19-25th, we can’t wait to spend the week on the beach teaching in an open air studio looking out over the water!!  Our last retreat was in Ubud, Bali in November and we’re currently working on our retreat calendar for the rest of 2017. You can see more info at

AM: If you could pick one person, past or present to attend your next retreat, who would it be?

MM: My grandfather, he was my first adventure buddy and used to taking me all over the country for dance/baton twirling lessons and competitions.  He used to love to travel and dance, I have a feeling he would be the life of our retreat party!

If I could invite one fitness/wellness influencer to be a guest teacher it would be Kimberly Snyder, the author of The Beauty Detox Solution. I find her perspective and teaching on nutrition and healthy living to be profound and so effective.

Beyoncé, Who Run's the World?

AM: Favorite song to work out to?

MM: Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce. 

MELT method mini ball kit

AM: Three things that are always in your gym bag?

MM: A head band, Burn and Build Body Rockit Fuel (it’s great all natural energy drink powder with vitamins and green tea extract), MELT Method Mini Ball Kit.

AM: How would you describe your style in two words?

Sporty and eclectic.  Lately my fitness wardrobe tends to be the color palette of an easter egg, I’m on pastel kick.

Queensland Island, Australia

AM: One place in the world you would love to visit?

MM: Queensland Island, Australia

Reverse Warrior

AM: Favorite yoga pose?

MM: Rockstar

AM: Favorite good vibe quote?

MM: “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

Marisa swimming

AM: One food you could not live without?

MM: Guacamole and DONUTS (but I try not to eat at much of those).

Peacefood Cafe NYC
Image courtesy @peacefoodnyc


AM: Top 3 health food spots in NYC?

MM: Peacefood Cafe, Hu Kitchen, Green Symphony. 

Marisa Merliss and her husband

AM: If you were deserted on an island, what one item would you want with you?

MM: My husband, he’s a lot of fun (not really an item but better)

AM: Favorite sinful treat food?

MM: Krispy Kreme DONUTS and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

AM: Favorite way to start the day?

MM: A fresh juice and some time to sit quietly and just breathe. If I have time I love to start the day with a bodyART workout or a walk in Central Park, stretching along the way.  

AM: Top 3 things you do to keep a positive outlook.  

  1. Focus on the things I’m grateful for.
  2. Spend time with good friends who love and challenge me in all the best ways.
  3. Take time to do the things that feed my soul...especially impromptu dance parties with my husband in our living room.

Marisa at Qinetic Studios

Be sure to follow Marisa @marisafit5678 on Instagram, and head on over to @qineticlive for your next workout! 

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