A Moment With Barre3 Master Trainer, Catie Fahrner

Catie Fahrner, Barre3 Corporate Master Trainer

We recently started working with barre3 and are super excited that a handful of studio owners will be stocking our jungle fever activewear this summer. Through Instagram, we discovered Corporate Master Trainer, Catie Fahrner, and couldn't resist getting in touch to find out exactly what it means to be Master Trainer at a place like barre3. If you've already been, you know the sense of community is like no other and if you haven't been yet, you need to get there stat. Catie was nice enough to share a free 10 minute workout video led by NYC studio director, Dino Malvone. Great for travel, no props needed, check it out here

Read on to learn more about Catie and her barre3 journey. 

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your typical day?

CF: I start with the same ritual: time by myself to get centered followed by breakfast and tea with my bf and dogs. Then it’s all about my barre3 projects. The only thing typical about my day is that there will always be movement of some sort.

AM: What does it mean to be a barre3 Corporate Master Trainer? And what journey did you take to become one?

CF: I have my dream job. The b3 Training team’s #1 goal is to make people’s lives happier and healthier and our focus is the barre3 Class. Helping people find balance is at the core of everything we do. I adore the team of trainers and experts that I get to work with - they are so fierce, but humble. We are all very different, but all share a love for learning and moving.

How did I get here? I stumbled into Sadie’s first barre3 studio in 2008 and fell in love with the community she built and the class she created...my body absolutely craved the the workout like nothing else. It was more than a workout - it was an experience. I trained to be an instructor a couple years later (I had to give back after being taken care of so generously), and when a master trainer role opened up I jumped on the opportunity. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

AM: We noticed on Instagram that you're expecting, congrats! How do you do it all with a 'tiny human' on the way? Any tips for mamas to be?

CF: Thank you...yes, we are over the moon! Our little guy is due in July and I already love him more than anything ever.  My biggest tip for expecting mamas is to be kind to your body during all of the wild changes by breathing and moving each day. And talk to your baby - they can hear everything we say (whether it’s out loud or in our minds) and they want to hear from us.  

AM: We know that barre3 mixes yoga, pilates, cardio, and weight training to balance your body while giving you a deep muscle burn, do you prefer certain moves over others?

CF: Squats. They’re such a functional move, and they target every angle of our core (glutes, abs, back). At nine months pregnant it’s still my favorite move.

AM: What are the benefits of low impact workouts?

CF: Because barre3 is low impact, you’re not pounding yourself into the ground. Instead, you’re opening up through the upper body, using your legs and aligning your posture. You leave feeling taller, more energized, actually better than when you came in. Which is kind of the whole point.

AM: What are the mind and body benefits of barre3 workouts?

CF: In barre3 we love a good Isometric Hold. The power of this hold is the way it makes your muscles fire. Even though you’re not moving, your muscles often fatigue more quickly than they would while jumping or running. We give ourselves space during the isometric hold to breathe and become mindful and align our body in a way that sets us up for optimal results. This is where body wisdom begins.

barre3 workout

AM: Three things a barre3 first timer should know?  

It’s all here:

  1. DO bring a water bottle. That’s all! You don’t need to worry about bringing grip socks (unless you’d prefer them) or any other props for that matter. All the mats, weights, balls, and bands are on us.

  2. DO come as you are. At barre3, we celebrate diversity, and every individual who walks through our doors is a part of that special sauce. There is no “uniform” or “acceptable attire.” Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and allows you to move freely.

  3. DO get ready to shake. Barre3 is a full-body workout, so don’t be surprised to engage with muscles you haven’t felt before. You may even experience “shakes and quakes” as we lovingly call them, a sign that your muscles are becoming stronger.

AM: Can we train with you online at barre3.com?

CF: Yes, absolutely! I lead online workouts, and the rest of the the training team does as well so there are hundreds to choose from. We’re on the pulse of what’s innovative, and a new workout is released each week, so we keep it super fresh and fun. I workout at home in my pajamas with b3 online all the time!

Catie Fahrner

AM: What are 5 of your dreams? 

  1. Building a family with my partner is at the top of my dream list and we’re in it right now!

  2. Travel. My boyfriend and I want our son to experience different cultures beginning at a young age.

  3. I will never stop learning. Every quarter of every year I study something that will make me a better partner, mother, or leader.

  4. Professionally, the sky’s the limit at barre3. My focus for this next year is pushing our class innovation forward in a thoughtful/balanced way.

  5. One day...when I am grey...I’ll be happily living on a beach and swimming every day.

AM: Favorite song to work out to?

CF: Too tough to pick a song...but I feel the most connected with my workouts with deep house music.

AM: Three things that are always in your gym bag?

CF: A glass b3 water bottle, dry shampoo and an almond butter packet.

AM: How would you describe your style in two words?

CF: I have to embrace “workout chic” on the regular because of my job so it must be simple/sporty/cool.

AM: One place in the world you would love to visit?

CF: Croatia is at the top of my list right now.

AM: Favorite yoga pose?

CF: Warrior II 

AM: Favorite good vibe quote?

CF: Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.

AM: 1 food you could not live without?

CF: Almond Butter!

AM: Top 3 health food spots in PDX?

CF: Root Cafe for nourishing whole foods meals, and Kure for fresh acai bowls and smoothies. The best tea and elixirs can be found at Tea Bar.  

AM: Favorite sinful treat food?

CF: We have this froyo place in PDX called Eb and Bean that does handmade flavors. They are a local/artisan treat that uses real ingredients. If you are going to go there with a naughty treat...then do it right!

AM: Favorite way to start the day?

CF: With a gratitude practice and breath work.

AM: Top 3 things you do to keep a positive outlook?

CF: Move each day, eat whole foods, and lots of cuddles with my bf and dogs.

Keep up with Catie on Instagram @catiefahrner and let us know why you love barre3 below.

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