Styled By Issue No. 5 - Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray of Hilliard Studio Method

Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray

Left: Liz Hilliard // Right: Clary Hilliard Gray

You  may remember Liz and Clary from their recent Inspired By Issue. These ladies look super glam in our Abstract Print pieces! Read on to learn more about Liz and Clary and how they styled our Athleisure wear. 

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

LH: My days start early with a delicious cup of Matcha tea, an apple and our Hilliard Studio Method Smoothie to put me into jet drive! I’m in the studio by 8 am to take and then teach a class. Our studio is bustling in the mornings with as many as 75 clients chatting, checking in and talking to the trainers during class transitions. It is a fun, high-energy atmosphere, and I love interacting with our clients. My afternoons are spent creating the next best HSM move for Hilliard Studio Method and HSM|Core or in business meetings and appointments. However, my favorite afternoons are spent playing with my grandchildren. During nights at home I wind down with a glass of wine and a healthy dinner with my husband. Clary and I spend many nights attending a variety of philanthropic and networking events, which never feel like an obligation because together business feels like fun!

CHG: I’m a wife, the mom of a two-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl and in business with my mom!  We co-own Hilliard Studio Method, a high intensity, low-impact, total body workout of our own creation as well as HSM | Core, a megaformer studio with an HSM twist! My typical day starts early and runs fast and furious through midday: getting the kids up, whipping up an HSM Signature Smoothie for the whole family, teaching and taking workout classes throughout the morning. Early afternoons are spent running the businesses and late afternoon is playtime with the kiddos! At night, I’m often out around town supporting fellow female entrepreneurs or charities I have a passion for, but when I’m home it’s makeup-free, cozy knits, a big salad, two glasses of wine, some stovetop popped popcorn and a little Peppa Pig on the TV! (For those of you without toddlers, Peppa is one spunky Brit, and yes, she’s a pig with her own TV show.) Liz Hilliards & Clary Hilliard Gray

AM: Tell us about your outfits! Which​ pieces did you pair your AM gear with, and why​?

LH: These jogger pants are so comfortable and functional and the print is a great eye-catcher. I was able to pair them easily with several of my favorite tops, jackets and shoes. For all of my looks I aim for sleek and tailored, functional and comfortable and simple with an unexpected pop!

  1. I paired the AM jogger with one of our signature HSM dragon logo Trainer tops for teaching class and added my black boots by Mao and a fur and leather black vest, adding a little extra warmth when getting to and from the studio.
  2. For more of a spring, sporty look I shortened the length of the pant and added a Stella McCartney crop hoodie and these killer silver Pierre Hardy fur lined high tops-enough said!
  3. Oftentimes our afternoons run into evening events and our workout clothes need to turn into an outfit suitable for dinner and drinks with clients or staff. These over the knee suede Stuart Weitzman boots and Louiza Babouryan top make me feel powerful and feminine.
  4. And since the weather in the South turns warm quickly, it was a no-brainer to pair our gear with our favorite bathing suits. L*Space is my go to bikini and don’t ever forget your hat. Sun damage is not fashionable.

CHG: This dress is so versatile!

  1. For a chilly day, I paired it with my Iro Paris jacket, some ripped leggings and my trusty leopard high tops (don’t tell anyone, they’re from Target!)
  2. For an its-almost-spring look, I paired the dress with my fav chunky sandals from Jeffry Campbell and a gauzy scarf.
  3. Bundling up for the winter (at least a Charlotte winter!) I paired it with my Veda leather jacket, Delman boots and that gauzy scarf.
  4. It’s the perfect beach cover up over my Bikyni tank swimsuit, Tomas Maier flats, plus a big ol’ hat of course, who wants skin damage?!

Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray

AM: Where would you wear these outfits? 

LH: I would wear the first two outfits all day from the studio to an afternoon of meetings and appointments or playing with my grandchildren. The third outfit transitions well from work to an evening out to dinner. I’d rock the pants with my suit to the pool or the beach.


  1. This is the perfect busy-all-day running around outfit that can easily transition into a casual night. It would also make an amazing travel outfit—comfy and warm.
  2. Happy Hour, preferably outdoors!
  3. Beach or pool
  4. Wine Night with the girls!

Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray 

AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece? 

LH: Most definitely the comfort and versatility. It was easy to pair them with both a casual and more sophisticated look, and I would happily wear them from morning to night.

CHG: How comfy and sporty it is while still being feminine and fashionable.


AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 

LH: Streamlined Chic

CHG: Modern Feminine

 Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray

AM: Anything else you’d like to add?

LH: I’ve been in the fashion and fitness industry for over 15 years, so I find value in wearing a great outfit for work that transitions easily into the rest of my day and even night. The days of baggy sweats and t-shirts are over, and I’m so glad that a brand like Alexis Mera offers women with dynamic lifestyles a confident and comfortable look.

CHG: I wear many hats throughout the day: mom, entrepreneur, fitness professional, wife. I’m thrilled to find a line of clothing that effortlessly transitions from one thing to the next in my busy day. I’m ranking Alexis Mera up there as the best thing since dry shampoo. Thank you, Alexis!


Location: Duke Mansion, Charlotte, NC

Photographer: Wanda Koch Photography

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