Styled By Issue No. 6 - Leslie Musser of One Brass Fox

Leslie Musser One Brass Fox

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day? 

I'm a major morning person. I love being up first in the house and find that to be my most productive part of the day. And working from home means I sometimes forget (or, let's be honest, purposefully neglect) to get dressed until 10am. But it also means that I have to be intentional about stepping away from work throughout the day. Whether that's to cook lunch or take a walk, make a phone call or play with kitties, I have to force myself to step back. As challenging as it can be to ignore my flooding inbox, I'm always better for it when I return to plow through the rest of the day. By evening I'm ready to settle in with dinner and probably a Netflix (or two) cozied up by my husband.

Leslie Musser One Brass Fox

AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 

I would love to be known for a 'classically modern' style. I want timeless, elegant pieces that still mesh well with current trends. Over the last few years I've worked to become more intentional and thoughtful about my purchases in order to have a well-curated closet. 

Leslie Musser One Brass Fox

AM: Tell ​us about this outfit! Wh​ich ​pieces did you pair your AM gear with​, and why​? (Here I'll need you to mention the brands of the other clothes you were wearing so I can link it on my blog). 

I've quickly dubbed this look my spring uniform. It's effortless, just a tad bit edgy with the distressed denim, and overall trendy down to the block heeled sandals. The tee is my constant go-to. I love the way a simple pocket can elevate the style and bring new life to a classic cut. It's easily tucked into jeans or a skirt while being just as chic if the hem is left alone. And the busted knee denim tops my list as a favorite springtime trend. Paired with high-heeled sandals the ensemble can transition from day to night with ease.

Outfit Details:

Madewell Jeans
Steve Madden Sandals
m0851 bag

AM: Where are 3 places that you'd wear this outfit? 

I might be more hard-pressed to find a place I wouldn't wear this look. But for the sake of the question, my top choices would be out to a Pad Thai date night, off in the morning for a quick coffee, or hosting some ladies for a Sunday brunch. Everything, from head to toe, is versatile and functional all while maintaining that didn't-try-too-hard-but-still-look-presentable allure. 

Leslie Musser One Brass Fox
AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece? 

The fact that I get to wear something out of the house that's as soft as pajamas is a major win. Plus, the scoop neck is flattering for any body type. It's one of those pieces that the second you see a tear, you're going to order a replacement pronto

Check out more of Leslie's outfit picks on her blog One Brass Fox, and be sure to follow along on Instagram @onebrassfox.

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