Styled By Issue No. 2 - Cheyenne Adler

A new series featuring our favorite collaborators talking style inspiration and Alexis Mera.
We're so excited to share our new Styled By Blog Series with you! Each issue will feature photos of one lovely lady, and her take on how to style Alexis Mera. We hope this series will provide you with tips and tricks for styling various pieces from our collection. We want to keep it real, each woman does her own hair and makeup, we are not retouching photos, and we are providing zero styling guidance.
Scroll through to learn more about Cheyenne Adler, and her style inspiration for our Grey Heather Albemarle Midi-Maxi.
AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day in NYC? 
CA: I'm a Junior at NYU's Stern School of Business studying marketing with a special emphasis on brand strategy and social media marketing - I'm obsessed with social media! I also intern at HBFIT, a site founded by Hannah Bronfman as well as another brand consulting firm, so my days are generally spent running from class to one of my internships and trying to squeeze a workout in there somewhere. If I'm lucky, I can see a friend for coffee or dinner.
Cheyenne Adler in Soho
AM: Tell us about this outfit! Which​ pieces did you pair your AM gear with, and why​?
CA: I can't reiterate how much I love this outfit...I paired the Alblemarle Maxi Dress with a Zara Moto Jacket, Madewell Booties, an Overt NYC backpack and topped it all off with a hat I just picked up from Brandy Melville. I really wanted to edge up the dress for a cute day-to-night outfit since I have a couple meetings and then a dinner to run to after class. What I love about the Maxi Dress is that you can wear it so many ways! By adding a little knot in the bottom, it gives the outfit a completely different feel than if I'd let it hang straight 
Cheyenne Adler in Soho
AM: Where would you wear this outfit? 
CA: I think this outfit does a great job at being casual, but at the same time put together, so it can easily take me from class to one of my internships and then to drinks with friends. I usually have such packed days that it's so important for me to have versatile pieces like this Maxi in my closet so that I can make it through everything I have to do without worrying about being under/overdressed.
Cheyenne Adler in Soho
AM: What do you like most about your new AM piece? 
CA: My favorite thing is how comfortable the piece is! I find that sometimes you have to compromise comfort for style, but with this dress it's the best of both worlds! I could so easily wear this around my apartment while I'm reading a book or watching TV and be just as comfortable if I were to wear it out while I'm running errands. It's so soft and doesn't cling to those parts we don't need fabric clinging to (Ladies you know what I'm talking about!)  
Cheyenne Adler in Soho
AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 
CA: Glamorously Classic
Cheyenne Adler in Soho
AM: Anything else you'd like to add? 
CA: I think most women are afraid of rocking a Maxi dress, especially in cold weather, but I think this one has an elevated quality to it as far as fit and function. I can't wait to layer a black turtleneck underneath or wear it in the Summer with strappy sandals at the beach. This dress can even double as a comfortable post-gym option...limitless possibilities! 
Our Albemarle Maxi Dress is also available in a few other color combos, check them out here!


Location: Soho, NY
Photographer: Alexis Mera Damen


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