Inspired By Issue No. 9 - Judy DeWolf, Blogger and NPC Competitor

Judy DeWolf is the co-founder of Urban Fit Girl Blog as well as an NPC competitor. Find out what foods are stocked in her fridge, and her top 3 workout spots in NYC!

1. What inspires you to stay active, what motivated you to become an NPC competitor, and what keeps you going? 

My biggest inspiration to stay active is seeing results. Progress is what drives me. I have been doing sports my whole life like playing basketball or boxing. You train and train but often you feel like you hit the plateau and are not improving anymore. Lifting weight gives you almost instant result. You see how your body is changing and that is enough motivation to keep me going. What motivated me to compete? Having a goal. Knowing that you have a show coming up makes me push myself harder. If you don’t have a goal then you just do something with no purpose. Yes, you do it for yourself but you are not as committed and motivated as if you had a challenge you needed to accomplish. Having goal keeps you in check, gives structure, makes you push harder, and shows that you can push past what you thought were your limits. What keeps me going? Getting support and attention from people around me. Receiving messages and comments, especially from people you wouldn’t expect them from, saying how inspired they are and proud of you. This is the best feeling in the world. So knowing that there are people that watch you and rude for you is what makes me not want to give up.

2. We all have those stubborn last 5 pounds we'd like to lose, what's your best advice for making it through until the end and sticking with a healthy lifestyle? 

Surrounding myself with people with similar goals. People with great energy and passion. People who understand what I go through and people who support your goal no matter how ridiculous they think its is.

3. Are you all about juicing? If so, what's your favorite Juice Bar in NYC? If not, what are you all about? :)

I am not crazy about juicing. They don’t have protein so substituting them for a meal will make you loose muscle mass. If I have one it's going to be just for taste and it will be made of green vegetables because those are the carbs that you don’t have to count. Fruit juices have too much sugar and calories and they easily add up so you really have to pay attention.They are not substantial as a meal so you end up eating anyway because you don’t get enough fiber and protein to feel full. So, if you planning on doing a juice diet it is a very extreme choice. You tend to reward yourself with pizza or a donut and the results are not likely to last.

4. Which 3 foods are always stocked in your fridge? 

I am going to be very predictable with this one:
White fish
Green vegetables

5. Which songs are on your workout playlist right now?  

Mostly Deep House by Owen Royal, Ahmet Kilic and Lee Bullock

6. Tell us your top 3 workout spots in NYC.  

I like Complete Body on 19th Street. It is a bodybuilders’ gym so you can see a lot of competitors. That’s a great place to get a motivation and learn a new things. Very hardcore gym! In the summer I like going to the gyms that have roof decks with lounge chairs and an outdoor swimming pool. Mercedes Club is a perfect place for that. Amazing place! For yoga I like Verboten. It is a deep house yoga that is taking place in New York every Monday and Tuesday. Its very cool!

7. You started a blog called Urban Fit Girl. What is the blog really about?

Urban Fit Girl talks about the lifestyle of the NYC girl who tries to manage her busy schedule while staying healthy, active, and most importantly fashion-oriented. The story walks you through her daily rituals, training and diet while emphasizing the fashion choices she makes to get through her busy day stylish yet comfortable. Urban Fit Girl is also a way of showing New York’s attitude, culture, mentality and beauty through the blogs and beautiful photos.

8. If you could, what piece of advice would you give to your younger self or a young girl today? 

Do not get so caught up with the pictures you see on Instagram or any other social media. None of those girls look like that in real life. Those pictures are the furthest thing from the truth so do not feel bad about yourself.


Photography by Basia Perkowski

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