Inspired By Issue No. 8 - Alex Silver-Fagan, Nike Trainer, City Row Instructor, and Whilelmina Model

Alexis Silver-Fagan is one of Our Top 3 Athleisure Girls on Instagram. She also has a very impressive resume. She's a Nike Trainer, City Row Instructor, and a Wilhelmina Model. She's beautiful, an athlete, and (I don't personally know her), but from her feed she looks like she'd be fun to hang out with too! Check out her feed for work outs, nutrition, and fit-spiration! 


We recently interviewed Alex, and here's what she had to say about health, fitness, and life in general. 


1. What inspires you to stay active, what made you want to become a trainer, and what keeps you going
Luckily, I'm surrounded by a lot of people who enjoy living the same active and healthy lifestyle that I do so it's easy to stick to it. But, ultimately it comes down to feeling good. When I treat my body right and stay active, I feel better. Simple as that. It's why I wanted to be a trainer, I want others to get the same feeling from being active and ENJOY exercise and movement rather than dreading it.
2. We all have those stubborn  last 5 pounds we'd like to lose, what's your best advice for making it through until the end and sticking with a healthy lifestyle? 
Sticking to a healthy lifestyle should be more about a consistent change rather than just losing a few pounds. Goals are nice but when you change your perspective from dieting and exercise to just eating healthy and moving it's easier to keep it up. That's when it becomes a true lifestyle and not just a one time thing. 


3. Are you all about juicing? If so, what's your favorite Juice Bar in NYC? If not, what are you all about? :)
Haha! I do like my juice and grab some from Hu Kitchen almost every day but I'm not crazy into it. I've never done a juice cleanse and don't think I will, they're a bit extreme in my opinion. But, when I do get juice I make sure it's all veggies. It's a good way to get in those extra vitamins and nutrients. 


4. Which 3 foods are always stocked in your fridge? 
Eggs, almond butter, and baby carrots!


5. Which songs are on your workout playlist right now?  
Classic Lean (Jidenna ft. Kendrick Lamar x Major Lazer & DJ Snake) Remix, What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber (this is kind of embarrassing but seriously, Bieber is killing it.), Push (feat. Andrew Wyatt) - A-Trak
6. Tell us your top 3 workout spots in NYC.  
CITYROW obviously, SoHo Strength Lab, Barry's Bootcamp (my boyfriend is an instructor there, Omri Rachmut)


7. If you could, what piece of advice would you give to your younger self or a young girl today? 
What matters now will not be important AT ALL in the future. Be happy, don't stress. The beauty about being young is you can mess up and figure it out because everything works out the way it's supposed to.

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