What is Athleisure-wear?

Often times when I tell people about Alexis Mera they sort of nod their head in agreement, but I can tell they are a bit confused by the concept, when in fact, it's actually quite simple. Alexis Mera is a line of easy-to-wear tops, bottoms, and dresses that seamlessly take the modern woman from sleep-to-street, day-to-night, and weekday-to-weekend. Depending on how you style each piece they really can be worn millions of ways. I wanted clothing that I could wear anywhere, and that's exactly what Alexis Mera is! 

We read on Today.com that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary recently announced that 'Athleisure' will be added to the dictionary, in early 2016. We think that's a good idea. The official definition will be, "casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use." We're so glad it's socially acceptable to rock our work out gear and casual wear on the streets. 

Five Characteristics of Athleisure-wear

  1. Comfortable
  2. Transitional
  3. Sporty
  4. Casual
  5. Versatile

Recently {un}covered interviewed me and asked a few questions about Athleisure:

UC: The athleisure segment in particular has really taken off of late, amongst both the fashion industry and pop culture. What do you think has propelled this growth and popularity?

AM: I think it’s a lifestyle. I think more and more people are living/trying to live a more healthy life. Whether it be exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, or trying out the latest juicing fad, it’s very prevalent. We all need/want clothes to match our lifestyle. :) It’s just another way to express it.

UC: What are your top 3 DO’s for taking Alexis Mera pieces from sleep to street?

  1. Roll out of bed (in any of our pieces!) and throw some sneakers on.
  1. Wear our dresses to the beach.
  1. Wear our joggers to yoga.

UC: What are your top 3 DON’Ts for taking Alexis Mera pieces from sleep to street?

AM: Honestly, there are none! We pride ourselves on being versatile. :)

UC: What 5 wardrobe essentials must be in every woman’s closet?

  1. Slouchy tee.
  1. That pair of skinny jeans that fits like no other pair.
  1. That pair of boyfriend jeans that are more comfortable than any other pair.
  1. Sneakers for everyday wear.
  1. A great leather moto jacket.


    Below are a few ways that we like to style Alexis Mera

    Leslie Musser of @onebrassfox knows how to rock our Floral Joggers


    She also styled our Grey Heather T-Shirt Dress perfectly with a denim shirt tied at the waist.


    Want to get a little more facny? Our Midi-Maxi Dress takes you from the beach, to an evening out.


    Girl POWER! Anna Hanks is looking fierce in our Grey Heather Jogger Pants. Photo by Patrick Randak.

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