5 Reasons to Try Y7 Studio's Hip Hop Yoga Class

Y7 Studio Broome Street Soho

I'm proud to admit, I have definitely become a ClassPass junkie. The freedom to try out new classes every week, check out new studios, and meet new people is awesome. High five ClassPass, wish I started using you sooner! 

My go to work out is usually not yoga, but I really want to like it! With classes like WeFlowHard Vinyasa Yoga that give you 60 minutes of intensity combined with heat and strength with hip hop beats to keep you pumped, Y7 will become your new best (yoga) friend. Here are five reasons why I think you should give it a try. 

1. There are no mirrors.

The ultimate head clearing experience happens for me when I am completely disconnected, even from seeing myself. It's usually difficult for me to clear my head, even in a yoga class. The darkness, candle lit atmosphere and amazing sound system really did aid me in leaving everything outside the studio door. It was all about the practice, not what you look like.   

A Tribe Called Sweat
 Photo courtesy of @y7studio

2. The room temperature is perfect.

There's nothing I like less than cooling down too much in the middle of my work out. The room was comfortably heated (I'd say around 80 degrees). I felt the heat and it helped me flow smoothly from one pose to another. I can't wait to go in the winter and heat up my soul!  

3. You WILL sweat.

Quick tip! Definitely bring a towel to put over your mat. I didn't bring one, and towards the end I was slipping and sliding. Any work out for me must include a heavy sweat, or I simply don't feel like I've accomplished anything. Let's just say I felt fully accomplished after my class at Y7. 

Y7 Studio Broom Street Soho
Photo courtesy of @y7studio

4. The studio experience.

The studio space is lovely! So open and airy, with motivational phrases all over and succulent plants strategically placed in the windows. Who doesn't love a great succulent? The staff was friendly and helpful, and the sign in was a breeze. No long forms to fill out! The Y7 merchandise was on point too. 

 Y7 Studio on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @y7studio

5. The sounds system and beats!

Last but definitely not least. The sound system and beats were off the hook! It's obvious Y7 has invested in a top notch sound system with the perfect amount of bass to make you feel the rhythm through your body. What Vogue said is true, Y7 is 'Yoga For People Who Put On Gangsta Rap and Handle It'

Be sure to check out Y7 Studio for yourself - view their class schedule here and Instagram @y7studio.


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