5 Post Election Activities to Relieve Stress

"Courage is asking for a time out, to shed a tear, to dust yourself off, and then getting back in the ring to fight like you’ve never fought before." - Overthrow Boxing Club

I'm sure, much like us, Tuesday night's events have you layering on the waterproof mascara and reaching for the nearest glass of wine as you try to get your head around how the next four years are going to pan out. Stressed? Anxious? Like the world is going to end?

Fear not! We have put together some great ways to have you feeling calm and relaxed in no time, ready to fight again, be proud to be a woman, and be positive for the future. 

1. Punch It Out at Overthrow

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Pack your boxing gloves and head over to Overthrow Boxing Club on Bleecker St, a 45 minute Boxing Burnout Class which incorporates shadowboxing, heavy bag work, and basic boxing technique to high energy music. Cool and gritty, classes take place in the infamous underground level of #9 Bleecker, a former meeting spot for radical activists and a storied after hours club. Try your hand at one of the three classes available - Overthrow Underground Boxing Burnout, Overthrow Ring Work, and Overthrow Sparring - or book on to a private training session; all are taught by pro fighters and top level amateurs. 

2. Sweat It Out at Higher Dose

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Higher Dose is an infrared sauna spa which will leave you feeling euphoric, beautiful and buzzed in no time. Starting a new movement in the spa world, Higher Dose aims to heighten the senses and give you a natural high through a combination of house music, sauna, and healing chakra light therapy that will up your DOSE - a.k.a. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. 45 mins of Infrared will detox, burn calories, increase circulation, and most importantly leave you feeling totally relaxed. 

3. Meditate It Away at MNDFL

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Meditation is proven to be a great reliver of stress, clearing the mind of negative thoughts, worries and anxieties. MNDFL's drop-in studio is NYC's premiere meditation centre; located in the heart of hectic Manhattan, it is a welcome dose of serenity and calm. Their mission? To make humans feel good, and their 25 expert teachers will help you do that. Offering 30 and 45 minute classes, each with a different theme, you can choose which one will be most helpful to you that day. 

4. Breathe It Out 

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Dry salt therapy is a natural and holistic treatment that has been used for many years across Europe and Russia, offering amazing health benefits - promoting better sleep and breathing, and improving your overall wellbeing. Breathe salt rooms has four locations across NYC and all feature a luxurious Himalayan salt room for you to lay down and soak up the tranquility. Sessions last 25 minutes and require only deep breathing and relaxation, or if Trump has your stress levels at the next level, give Salty Yoga a try. 

5. Dance It Off at 305

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If all else fails - have a night out! What started out as a fitness studio in Miami, 305 studios are spreading across the west coast, bringing with them live DJ's, the city's best instructors and a non-stop cardio workout that makes you feel like you're at a party with the girls - but you're sweating, burning and toning at the same time. An addictive mixture of dance moves, sports drills and HIIT training, 305 is a full-body, fun workout that will leave you feeling high, literally - they even call their clients 'junkies'!

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