Step Up Senior Send Off

On June 30th, I went to the Step Up Senior Send Off. An event for all of the teens who are headed off to college this Fall and are finishing up their time as teens with Step Up. Once they graduate they are automatically signed up as members with Step Up, so they can give back and share their experience with the next generation of teens. The best part - the college application and acceptance rate for Step Up teens is 100%.

As part of my partnership with Step Up, I gifted an outfit to one lucky girl who had 100% attendance with Step Up.

Lauren (pictured above) was the lucky girl!  I also gifted her our "Brooklyn is Love" Canvas Bag


I gifted Lauren our Striped Beverly Pocket Tee and Striped Rugby Boxer Shorts - I hope she enjoys them! Congrats to her for perfect attendance!

At the send off, we all went around the room and introduced ourselves and gave one piece of advice for a new college student. My advice was, “Find internships that supplement your studies, you’ll be ahead when you graduate.” I also said, “Work hard, but play hard too!” 

I think it so important to develop your personal relationships in college. Some of my dearest friends today are the ladies that I met and “played” with while I studied at FIT. 

My girls, Jessica, Cristina, & Joanna


Also attending the graduation ceremony was Aliza Licht, a.k.a DKNY PR GIRL. She took on social media on top of her traditional PR responsibilities at Donna Karan International and created “DKNY PR GIRL” (@dkny on twitter), the company's award-winning social media personality for whom she is the singular strategist and voice of. Licht has been widely credited as a social media pioneer in the fashion industry, building an organic community of over half a million followers. I'm positive that she is an inspiration to many teens today, she is also an inspiration to me. Through starting my own business, I have learned that navigating social media is not an easy task! 


On top of all of the impressive work she has already accomplished, Aliza recently published her own book, "Leave Your Mark", which I will definitely be picking up. With phrases on the cover like, "Land your dream job.", "Kill it in your career.", and "Rock social media." there are definitely a few tips to be learned! 

A few words of advice that Aliza had for the teens, which I also thought were particularly useful are:

1. Find mentorship from many different people.

2. Study people and what they preach. 

3. Don't work somewhere where your spirit is squashed. 

4. You have to be interested to be interesting. 

5. You are your brand. 

I think all of the above rings true in business and in life! We are always selling ourselves in some way or another. 

Learn more about Aliza here

What advice would you give a young woman who is heading off to college this fall? 


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