Ramen in our hood!

When Márcio and I started dating, I was living in Williamsburg. We met in the summer, and when Winter rolled around, we were found at least once a week (usually more) at Ramen Yebisu on North 6th Street.

Photo Courtesy of Ramen Yebisu/Website


At the time I lived on North 4th Street, and it was an easy walk for the best Ramen (at least we think it's the best Ramen!). When we decided to move to Ditmas Park, I was bummed knowing I wouldn't be able to visit Yebisu as frequently. We searched our new neighborhood for Ramen, but couldn't find any! So, for the first year the fastest trip for Ramen was to Ganso, off the Dekalb stop on the Q train. Also another great Ramen spot in Brooklyn! On our ranking Yebisu is #1 and Ganso was #2.

Photo Courtesy of Ganso/Website


Finally, Ramen has arrived in our neighborhood! And, it's a three minute walk from our apartment! The Ramen at Bashi Channel falls somewhere between Yebisu and Ganso on our "Ramen Ranking" list. You have a choice of the traditional wavy wheat noodles or rice noodles. The portion size is just right and there a just the right amount of veggies on top of the soup. The broth isn't quite as wonderful as the broth at Yebisu, but it's pretty close! The service is excellent and the convenience factor is of course a benefit! Bashi is owned by the same owners as another one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, OxCart Tavern - which I mentioned in my previous Brooklyn Eats post. Bashi is also great for grabbing drinks with friends (or on a date), they have a very cool semi-circle shaped bar at the front that looks out towards the street. The front windows open up completely and it's nice and breezy. Very nicely done! 

Front view of Bashi


Ramen at Bashi


Marinated Korean Brisket in Steamed Buns at Bashi


Next time you're in Ditmas Park, definitely make a stop as Bashi! 


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