4 Fitness Classes You Can Do Wherever You Go

#FITNESS By: Stephanie Jade Wong

 Alexis Mera
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Every time I plan to exercise at home, I change into activewear and end up lounging around on the couch.

I’m a huge fan of group exercise classes, but sometimes I want to do them alone, or do them at home instead of at a gym or studio.

It didn’t take long before I figured out there are fitness studios that offer on-demand videos. If you can get step one down (changing into workout clothes), step two is just finding the right on-demand workout for you.

Here are a handful of fitness classes you can do from your living room or take with you on vacation.

1. Physique 57

 Alexis Mera

Image Source: Physique 57

If you’re ready to raise the barre, look no further than Physique 57. If you start a free month trial, you’ll gain access to more than 80 workouts and customizable programs catered to your fitness goals and needs. Their videos range from 10-57 minutes long, so you can squeeze in a workout even when you’re in a rush. The workouts differ from strength training to cardio and restorative. The brand claims you’ll see visible results after 8 sessions, so why not give it a shot and see if it’s the right fit for you?
2. Yoga Vida

Image Source: Yoga Vida 

If you enjoy practicing yoga once you wake up and right before you fall asleep, take
Yoga Vida On Demand with you. Not sure about it just yet? Try their 15-day free trial to see if you like the flows they offer. Their videos are broken up by category, which can make it a lot easier when you want to focus on something specific. A few categories include: hip opening, back bending, arm balances and inversions, crazy sweaty flow, chair or office yoga, core, restorative, and the list continues. With so many options, you’ll be set on different types of yoga to incorporate into your lifestyle.

3. Chaise Fitness

 Alexis Mera
Image Source: Chaise Fitness

What do you get when you combine: ballet, Pilates, strength training and a chair?
Chaise Fitness. This full-body workout is great for if you’re looking to define, sculpt and tone your muscles. The videos are broken up by categories: their signature chair class, legs and butt, arms and abs, and cardio. If you purchase the videos, you’ll have access to stream for 30 days on your TV, mobile and tablet.

4. barre3

 Alexis Mera
Image Source: barre3


Subscribing to barre3 workouts on demand not only gets you videos, but also recipes and access to chat with instructors an experts. This is a great alternative to visiting a gym or studio in person. However if you are near a barre3 studio, check out Alexis Mera’s Jungle Fever leggings. (Stocked in select studios). What are you waiting for? Try barre3 for free with this 15-day trial.  

Taking advantage of on-demand videos means you can roll out of bed and get a workout in before you start your day, or exercise after you get home from work. No more searching for an empty locker or elbowing each other in a packed locker room. Avoid that gym rush and get comfy with your workouts from home. They’re perfect to take with you on your holiday vacation, too.

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