3 Ways to Style Alexis Mera from AM to PM with Samantha Cornell of The Sweat Chronicles

Having moved to NYC for law school and overwhelmed with the challenge of completing her degree, Samantha Cornell found solace in working out and fitness classes. The consistent routine and the support of her other class members, along with the challenges from new exercises helped her reduce anxiety and find a defined sense of self. 

Today, a fully qualified lawyer, Samantha works out every morning, clearing her mind, eliminating stress, and feeling focused for her day ahead. Increasing her strength and stamina has further helped build her self-confidence, and she shares all her goals, challenges and workout tips on her blog The Sweat Chronicles

So what does the early riser wear to take her from her morning workout right through to her evening wellness event? We asked Samantha to show us!

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

SC: My name is Samantha and I a 28 year old lawyer and the founder of The Sweat Chronicles. A typical weekday starts with an early alarm before heading to an early morning workout. After I get my workout in, I head to the office and have breakfast at my desk. After work I try and attend either a wellness/fitness event and/or meet up with a friend or my boyfriend for a healthy dinner out. This helps me unwind from my day before crawling into bed. I do my best to be in bed by 10:30 p.m. on weeknights so that I won’t be too out of it when my alarm goes off at 5:45 the next morning.

Hair by @easymanexcristina


AM: Lawyer plus sweat enthusiast, what inspired you to start your blog, The Sweat Chronicles?

SC: After falling in love with the NYC fitness and wellness world I started my blog, The Sweat Chronicles, as I felt that everything I was learning and gaining from the space was too great to keep to myself and needed to be shared with the greater community. The Sweat Chronicles is a fitness, lifestyle, and wellness blog focused on providing inspiration, motivation, and ideas for readers whether they are beginners on their health and wellness journeys or seasoned vets. 



AM: You go to a lot of wellness events, what’s coming up on your calendar?

SC: December 6th I am attending the Wellness Meet Up NYC Holiday Baking Class with Rachel Mansfield. December 10th I am going to The Wellness Pop-Up at Exhale in Meatpacking for a workout and to check out vendors in the space. December 19th I am excited to check out Holistic Happening’s Vision Board Workshop. Besides these events, I am excited to check out two new gyms in NYC: Switch Playground & RIPPED.

AM: How do you balance a 9-5 and all the sweat sessions?!  

SC: I generally find that it works best for me to get my workout in each morning before work. That way I know work and blogging won’t get in the way and it guarantees I get my sweat on and my “me time” each and every morning to get my day started on the right foot. I generally work about 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each weekday, so I use my evenings for wellness events and working on my blog content for the week. I also try and get a lot of blog work done over the weekend just to make sure I can stay focused on my legal job during the day. Other than that I always do a massive grocery haul on either Saturday or Sunday and then spend a few hours prepping all my food for the week so I have no excuses when it comes to eating healthy and treating my body right, even if the work week gets hectic and busy!


AM: What do you like to do on your ‘rest days’?

SC: I like to do something active every day, which means active rest for rest days. This can be anything from making sure I walk around the city while running errands to a yoga class or even a light jog on my own. I also generally use my rest days as my “cheat days” and enjoy some extra carbs and treats!

Hair by @easymanexcristina


AM: Three places you’d take this outfit? 

  1. Granite Sweatshirt w/ Maxi Dress in Black: This is an outfit I would wear to the office, to dinner out, or to run errands on a weekend. This may be a dress, but it’s so comfortable, I would wear it in place of leggings to dress up any day-to-day activity!
  2. Granite Sweatshirt w/ black ripped jeans: This outfit is perfect for grabbing drinks, weekend brunch, or just hanging out in NYC. 
  3. Black Dolman w/ Granite Joggers: Best post-workout brunch outfit ever! This outfit is also great for a weeknight dinner out or shopping with friends. This outfit can also be dressed up or dressed down depending on what jacket or coat you want to pair it with!


AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece? 

SC: Not only comfortable, but so many different ways to style!

AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 

SC: Simple & classic.



AM: If you were deserted on an island, what one item would you want with you?

SC: Kindle

AM: Favorite sinful treat food?

SC: Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups



AM: One place in the world you would love to visit?

SC: Prague

AM: Favorite yoga pose?

SC: Savasana (it may be the only time of day by body is completely at rest)

AM: One food you could not live without?

SC: Sushi



AM: Three things that are always in your gym bag?

SC: Dry Shampoo, Nuun Electrolyte Tabs, & Nike Hair Ties

AM: Favorite way to start the day?

SC: Sweaty Workout

AM: Go to healthy food spot in NYC for a quick bite?

SC: Natureworks

Don't forget to check out Samantha's sweaty stories on here website here and be sure to follow @thesweatschronicles



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