Meeting Melissa Rubini - Fashion Director at InStyle Magazine

Last week was a busy week! On Monday I went to a panel discussion at the FIT Katie Murphy Amphitheater, that my former professor Dalia Strum invited me to. I had the pleasure of viewing a panel discussion with Melissa Rubini the Fashion Director at InStyle Magazine!

I have to say, I thought seeing a Fashion Director of a major Fashion Magazine like InStyle would be different. Melissa was way more down to earth than I had imagined. I guess I always assumed that someone in her shoes might be harder to relate to. However, I was so wrong. She was so sweet and "real". The fact that she's from Brazil also hit a soft spot for me, my husband is from Brazil and from my experience, they are very friendly and welcoming people.

Melissa is not only the Fashion Director at InStyle, but she is also a freelance stylist, a mom, and she has a children's wear line in Brazil (that she runs from the US!). One word...IMPRESSIVE! The best piece of advice I thought she gave was to follow your heart - it sounds cheesy, but I think it is so true. If you really really want something, you will make it happen. Second best - pay attention, always pay attention, when you are assisting someone or working somewhere always be aware of your surroundings and the way things work, shadow the people you admire and one day you will be in their shoes. I think this is so true, and I think it is so important to always be aware of the big picture and not just aware of the one task you may be doing for that week, or month, or year.  

Another thing I like about Melissa Rubini - her children's wear line Stella Rubini (named after her daughter) empowers women, just like our loungewear line. Profits are donated to organizations in Brazil and she employs single mothers in Brazil as well! If you're new to our site, please feel free to visit our "Social Impact" page to learn more about how we are on a mission to empower young women. 

Melissa Rubini is definitely a woman I now look up to - I hope one day I can have the same impact on someone!


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