Best Advice From Mom

This Mother's Day I decided to ask all of my friends (and some of my relatives) what they consider the best advice that they have received from their mom's.

Here's what they said...

You have the natural gift of being a super hero mom and knowing what is best for your child even though you may feel differently, initially. People are not shy to give their advice, even when it's unwanted, but every child is uniquely different and you as their mom will figure out what is best.
If I would give any advice it would be practice patience and consistency. Being on the same page as your spouse or partner will make child rearing less frustrating. Lastly, keep in mind difficult times will pass, keep faith and know tomorrow is a new day. 
-Morgan Elwell-Leavitt


I think my favorite mom saying (and the one that comes to mind first) is "Trust but verify." She generally uses it when driving, but I think it can be applied to all things in life :-)

-Nora Goddard

Advice from my sister- make good decisions. 

Advice from my mother- do what makes you happy. 

Advice from my stepmother- buy it!

Advice from my grandmother- wear it, don't save it.

-Brett Waters 

"Go be happy"

-Eva Kohn



Best advice from mom:

"Never serve food out of the package. Put it on a plate!"

-June Jacobs



"Do what makes you happy honey!"

-Alexis Mera Damen



After a particular horrendous high school breakup with a guy I thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread, I had bawled my eyes out for hours and hours and my mom sat on the edge of my bed. She took one look at me and gave me the most sage advice I've ever gotten:
"darling, just get a good night's sleep tonight and tomorrow, look fucking fabulous".
It's always worked. Heartbreak, schmeartbreak. Sandy knew the secret. 
-Brenna Carlyle Duff mom doesn't really give advice, she just always tells me I am right. LOL. BUT, she has always encouraged me to go after what I want and has supported every decision I have made whether it was a good one or not.

-Katrina Connelly (pictured on the right)


Feel free to comment with the best advice that you have received from your mom!

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