20 Reasons Everyone Should Do Yoga

Alexis Mera in Warrior Two Pose
Here I am, working on my warrior two pose, wearing our Pink Tropics Joggers


As of late, I have a new appreciation for yoga. Historically, my go to workout has not been yoga (and to be honest, it still isn't). I'm more inclined to do something that is more intense (or seems more intense), like weight training, running, or hiit training. Starting in my late twenties and now into my early thirties, my body can't handle the intensity in the same way it could before, I have new aches and pains in my 'old age' (barely!), but I believe in taking care of my body now, so it will thank me later. I've been telling my self (for years), that I should really try to get into yoga, to balance my workout's and stretch my muscles. I am not very flexible. I think it's finally happening! Yoga once a week is better than yoga, never.

I turned to three of New York City's Yoga Babes, Angelica Olstad, Founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC, a company that takes yoga out of the studio and into urban spaces, Sarah Levey, Co-founder of Y7 Studio, the original New York City hip-hop yoga studio, and Casey Layne, actor, singer and yoga instructor to learn a few reasons why everyone should do yoga. Read on to see what I found out. 

1. Yoga is all about connection! To your body, to your emotions, to your breath, to a community. And feeling connected is one of the most grounding feelings ever. C.L. 

2. It reduces stress. - S.L. 

3. The philosophy of the sutras (specifically the yamas and niyamas) treat yourself and others in a kind and sustainable way, harness the power of positive thinking and manifesting life without attachment to the things that weigh us down. A.O. 

4. Improves concentration and focus. - S.L. 

5. Yoga is a moving meditation. Think of yoga is a "two for one." You can clear your mind and energize your body at the same time. C.L. 

6. Stronger core and better awareness of standing posture and sitting posture. - A.O. 

7. One word - SAVASANA. C.L. 

8. Getting upside down is SO good for your body! Plus, handstands are a cool party trick. C.L. 

9. Spinal health - A.O.

10. Regular practice reduces your risk for injury. - S.L.

11. Yoga is about letting go of the small and petty and working towards living life with a clear heart, a big heart, great compassion, and respect for ourselves and one another. - A.O. 

12. There is ALWAYS something new to learn! So the practice is consistently challenging whether it's your first or 100th class. C.L. 

13. The teachings of yoga put everything into perspective. Things that seemed so stressful before class feel like a piece of cake afterward. Life feels more manageable after yoga. C.L. 

14. Increases body awareness. - S.L. 

15. Stronger core and better awareness of standing posture and sitting posture. - A.O.

16. There are tons of different ways to modify or intensify your asana practice. So whether you're dealing with an injury or feeling on top of your game, exhausted or energized, brand new or a yogi master... yoga class for you! C.L. 

17. Have a reliable system to stay cool under pressure. A.O. 

18. Its an amazing workout. - S.L. 

19. Some of the greatest people I've ever met, I met at yoga. Get into a yoga studio and soak up the good energy of some seriously amazing people! C.L. 

20. You can do yoga anywhere. Seriously. At home, at your desk, on the sidewalk, in a studio, alone, or with friends. C.L. 

I'm still working on my Savasana, which believe it or not, has been considered one of the most difficult positions. It's hard to relax on demand, right? Next time you hesitate to get on the mat, think about a few of these reason's to get you flowing. 

Big thanks to Angelica, Casey and Sarah for sharing their knowledge, be sure to follow these Yoga Babes on Instagram, to see what they're working on! 

Be well. 

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