Inspired By Issue No.17 - 'Dress Your Guests' Founder Kate Brennan & Style Contributor Kendra Slisz

 LTR: Kate Brennan and Kendra Slisz of Dress Your Guests blog, photographed by Ariana Clare


Dress Your Guests is a lifestyle blog which 'inspires you to motivate and motivates you to inspire'. It covers fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle topics in positive, uplifting posts by Co-Founder Kate Brennan and Head Style Consultant Kendra Slisz. We asked what inspires them and learnt more about the duo who are helping women look and feel great!

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your background

KB: I moved from NYC to CLT two years ago. I started DYG right before I moved down here as a way to connect with women who needed fashion advice for upcoming events for themselves or for their guests. We encountered back-end issues so I started the blogging while those issues were being resolved (still working on it) and the blog has evolved into a full lifestyle brand with the addition and help of Kendra and her expertise. Prior to DYG I was a buyer at Ralph Lauren which definitely influences the aesthetic of DYG and the advice I offer through our site. I am married with a two year old daughter and a second on the way. Fitness is not only a passion for me but a way of life. Even at seven months pregnant I still find the energy to continue to exercise.    

KS: A New Yorker at heart, but trying out the southern belle thing in Charlotte! I have lived in Charlotte for 3 years now. I also moved from NYC where I was designing and developing children's wear at Handcraft Manufacturing. I am now a marketing specialist and graphic designer for a large insurance broker by day and blog for DYG with Kate by night. I love art, good food, good wine and good company. I also am passionate about health and wellness. I am always up for trying the latest cleanse or workout trend!

Kendra Slisz is passionate about health and fitness, Photographed by Ariana Clare


AM: What inspired you to launch Dress Your Guests and what keeps you going?

KB:  I learned so much at Ralph Lauren and wanted to share these learnings with the women who were constantly seeking fashion advice but above all I wanted to show them that with a few tips and tricks you too can look and feel confident in what you are wearing. My goal with blogging is to help make each and every woman who visits our site look and feel more beautiful. Confidence is key for me and I want women to know that it is okay to say that they feel beautiful. We want to spread positivity and beauty from one person to the next and create a community that builds each other up.

 Kate and Kendra want to spread positivity and beauty from one person to the next, photographed by Ariana Clare


AM: What fashion trend(s) are you all about right now?

KB:  At 7 months pregnant I have two, well actually three. Athleisure for day and Chrissy Teigen's signature tight sexy dress with a duster and killer heels for night.  And of course off the shoulder - highlighting the slimmest part of my body is a trend?  Yes please.  

KS: Hmm.... probably the 'borrowed from your man' look but I always like to add a subtle feminine touch. I love a cropped tee and distressed denim with a pretty lace up flat or sandal OR a flirty dress with sneakers and a baseball cap. I like to keep it cool and casual!

7 months pregnant Kate rocks the athleisure trend, photographed by Ariana Clare


AM: We know you’re both originally from New York, what do you miss most about this crazy city?

KB: The work out scene is just getting started down here. There are some great options but I yearn for Barry's Bootcamp and Soul Cycle. I book my flights and meetings when in NYC around taking those classes.

KS: My friends!!! And my favorite restaurants, bars, coffee spots, juice bars etc. The energy is addicting and inspiring, I miss that a lot too. I also try to hit up a Barry's, SoulCycle or Y7 yoga class when I'm there!

 Kate and Kendra really miss the workout scene in New York, photographed by Ariana Clare


AM: Kate, you have the most adorable daughter ever! How do you balance it all?

KB: I start my days by exercising . . . early.  It provides me with the clarity, calm and surprisingly energy that I need to function in all roles in my life otherwise I am an erratic, disorganized stressed out mess.  My husband has enforced the rule that our time together is from 6 - 8 and this has helped.  No phone and no computer.  I also have the most amazing partner in the world.  Kendra is super positive and super talented and makes working together really easy.  Lastly, I try and focus on the positive. I feel fortunate that I have a job where I get to work with my best friend, pick my daughter up from school and help women feel confident in themselves.  

 Kate exercises early in the morning to get a good work, life balance, photographed by Ariana Clare


AM: What’s next for Dress Your Guests?

KB:  I have sooooo many dreams and aspirations for DYG. I would love to expand DYG and have numerous contributors who share the same passions and aspirations that we do.  Ideally we would cultivate a large community that both women and men head to for their daily dose of DYG. I also love the idea where women can get ready together for an event in a social environment. Something we have been testing out.  :)

KS: Watching and learning as DYG grows has been amazing! Like Kate said there are so many possibilities and opportunities. I'm excited to see what's ahead for DYG!

 Photographed by Ariana Clare


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