Styled By Issue No. 7 - Emily Cochran, founder of Noteworthy Mag

Emily Cochran. Photographed By Ariana Clare
Emily Cochran, photographed by Ariana Clare

AM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your typical day?

I am a mid-west girl who has called the South, specifically Charlotte, NC, home for the past 12 years. I spent almost a decade in the banking industry and left to focus on our growing family and to explore my passion for creative expression, something that has always been a big part of who I am having studied fine art in college. I wanted to share my love for food, interiors, authentic style, and experiences with others in hopes of inspiring every day life. Last fall I launched Noteworthy, an online lifestyle magazine, or a platform to share some of life’s notable details.

As a mother of two young boys and a new business entrepreneur, I am always “on”. Our typical day starts at 7am and depending on the day of the week we are either in get ready for school/work mode (with our oldest being in pre-school) or on our off day (We love Thursdays!) where we are enjoying a slow morning at home making waffles and hanging in our PJs. Coffee with my homemade almond milk is my morning must have. Three mornings a week I focus on interviews and shoots for the magazine. My kid-free time is limited so I have had to make sacrifices in terms of being able to fit in the group workout classes I used to enjoy, but I find other ways to stay active and get out for a long walk or an occasional Hilliard Studio Method class. Chasing after two boys is a workout in its own right!

I do my best to be intentional about my time, my role as a mother is one I truly cherish so I don’t mind having to work during naptime or sometimes things just have to wait. I love to cook and am trying to get better about eating at home more, especially during the week. My mom and I are always talking food and thinking about new recipes to share with the Noteworthy readers. The boys typically eat what we eat which makes cooking dinner easier. Some nights the reality of our busy day wins and we will pick up a pizza, sushi or burgers (in that order of preference). I look forward to date nights with my husband and girls nights to hit a favorite spot or try a new place in town. The boys are in bed by 7:30pm so evenings are quiet and I use the time to get organized and recharge. It’s amazing to me as a mother, even after the hardest of days, how I can’t wait to hear those little feet running around again the next morning.

Emily Cochran in AM Rio Palm Print Joggers
 Emily Cochran in Rio Palm Print Joggers, photographed by Ariana Clare

AM: Tell us about this outfit! Which​ pieces did you pair your AM gear with, and why​?

I love the Rio palm print joggers because they go with anything! It’s amazing how such a bold print can be so versatile. I paired the pants with a denim top from Madewell and Joie slip on sneakers to create a casual outfit that really fits my lifestyle.

Emily Cochran in AM Rio Palm Print Joggers with Joie slip on sneakers
 Emily Cochran teams the Rio Palm Print Joggers with Joie slip on sneakers, photographed by Ariana Clare

AM: What are 3 places you’d wear this outfit? 

I would wear this look to meet my girlfriends for lunch, on a play date with the boys, or just hanging out with the family during the weekend.  

Emily Cochran in AM Rio Palm Print Joggers
 Photographed by Ariana Clare
AM: What do you love most about your new AM piece? 

I love how comfortable the joggers are yet they are still stylish. The fit is great and flatters the figure, which can be hard to find in a casual pant. I feel confident wearing them! I am not afraid to make a statement and I love how the bold palm print does just that.

AM: How would you describe your style in two words? 

Casual chic

Check out Emily's online lifestyle magazine Noteworthy for all her great home, style, beauty and food tips, and be sure to follow her on Instagram too! 

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